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Thursday, 21 October 2004

AS Update - 2 more papers down! =)

AS Update : Math Paper 1 (20 October 2004)
Math paper 1 wasn't really hard...kinda what i was expecting it to be. After a few hours of flipping thru every single past year paper we had done the day before, it shouldn't be a problem. Wanted to finish off a few halfway done papers but juz got too lazy to do so. Now that those paper are useless now, wonder what i should do with them...

Btw we had our breakfast at last...after last Friday's failed plan. Managed to get Paul, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen, Wilson, Zi Yand, Afree, Anne and Wen Ying to go for breackfast at McD's. Surprisingly we woke up for it after all...(though i still had to wake the others up...sigh ^^)

AS Update : Bio Paper 3 - Practical (21 October 2004)
Bio paper 3...i must admit i took it rather lightly. Not that it really helps if i read the whole sky-scraping stack of papers Ms Ho shoved to us during the last few days of college before AS. So why should i bother? =P Juz read through the food tests, the plant and animal cell slides, and her really really short notes on Bio practical (which in the end, was of no use anyway...). Like Chemistry, there were tips for Bio 3 too (seems like there'll always be tips eh) so it wasn't really a problem to most of us. Except the question on frog RBC. I mean, we were supposed to know frog RBC has nucleus? That wasn't even in our why will we bother to find out? =P. Somehow, the other shifts after us got to know the answers to the questions beforehand so i think they'll get full or near full marks for Bio Paper 3. juz ain't fair at times, isn't it? Well, live with it ;)

'White Chicks' at Hoi's place
Went for another de-stressing round of cc at Warnet after lunch while waiting for Hoi to come back from his tuition so we can go to his house to watch some DVDs. At first, we planned to watch The Terminal but Paul's DVD was with his sister. Then we wanted to watch Shark Tale (i think...maybe not) but Hoi doesn't have the DVD. So in the end we have to settle for White Chicks. Which isn't that bad after all hehe. Actually i had wanted to watch that quite some time now i have saved 7 bucks! =). Back to the's rather funny at times. Like the part where they go shopping (where one of the white 'chicks' have to wear extra tight-fitting clothes hehe). Yih Seong's favourite was the scene where Buff daddy (or Schwarzenegro) started dancing half-naked with a whistle in his mouth O_o haha...apparently Yih Seong couldn't forget that scene ^^".

Am i seeing a new addiction or wat...
After dinner, me, Paul, Leong, Ashok, Jem, Yong Chen and Yih Seong went cc (again...). Played DotA (a Warcraft map) which isn't exactly new to us...played it a few times a while back. Seems like everyone 'enjoyed' it...except Jem who still couldn't grasp the way to play it hehe. Think DotA will be the map we play for the next few least ;)

-7.20pm, 27 October 2004-
10 more papers to go...

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