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Friday, 1 October 2004

Futsal Match against PM2 and Ashok's friends from Pudu College
More 'castleeeee'...

Match against PM2 and Ashok's friends from Pudu College (wherever that is...)
After last week's hardest match we ever played (against Wy Keat's team), all we wanted to play was some rather easy Yih Seong suggested we play against PM2. Then yesterday, Ashok received a call from his budaks from Pudu College (not the real name of course...) bout playing against our team. Heard that they heard bout our team's unbeaten run so far and had wanted to check out how 'good' we actually are ^^". After Hoi's agreement to it, we decided to play a three-way match.

So what was supposed to be an easy match turned out to be the exact opposite...wwith us fighting with all our might to keep up with our 'reputation'. But surprisingly, we never expected what was to come our way. The team we thought was 'easy' (PM2) suddenly became the better team of the two we played against today. Seems like they improved a hell lot since our last meeting (think it's some months ago). Or maybe it's just that we became overconfident and looked down on them too much =P. Either way, i have to hand it to them for playing so damn well (especially to the one nicknamed Ronaldo hehe - he managed to dribble past everyone and even took a shot!).

Anyway, the game's rules were these : The team that scored 2 goals first or had the higher score after 7 minutes gets to stay for another round. After 1 and a half hour till 4pm of intense futsal, we ended the day with a few wins, a few less loses, and one or two draws. Couldn't really say we lost today, as it wasn't a 'real' match anyway. Besides we don't have Jem as our keeper hehe ;). My compliments to Yong Chen for being on fire today hehe...he chased after every single ball with so much energy ^^" (hey, you outshined me that day! =P). And a really great job to Paul too, for being such a great last man defending and adding another goal to your name =). As for the others, they did pretty well as usual..with Shan's long range shots and Hoi's scoring all the goals ^^.

Really desperate for 'castle'...
After a day without cc, i thought we could hold on for another day. Obviously, that's not possible unless there's a major blackout in Subang that day or all the cc caught fire or something. Neway, we were supposed to play after futsal but since some of us couldn't make it, we postponed it to night-time. At 11.30pm after Jem and Paul came back from their church activities, 6 of us excluding Leong (he went that evening edi) plus Paul and Hoi went to search for cc to play. As expected, Inferno, Warnet, Games World, Silver Surfer 1 were full. So desperate we are that we decided to check out Point Extreme (some run-down cc which couldn't really keep up with the others in size and quality). Fortunately (maybe it's unfortunately...), there's enough space for 8 of us so we had our usual round of 'castle' (forgot to tell you all this but it's pronounced CAsttlleeeeeee - stress on the 'cas' and stretch the 'tle' for one or two seconds haha). Strangely, Yih Seong's com refused to play with us even though he changed com 3 times (think you're fated not to play 'castle' haha =P). After today, i swear to myself i never gonna go cc again till after AS...(and i'm gonna repeat this a few more times after this...sigh...)

-6.40pm, 11 October 2004-
3 days of cc out of 4 days and still counting...
Oh yea...and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me old friend Khai Sean =)

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