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Thursday, 30 September 2004

Plasma Talk
IMU Talk,
Career Voyage

-Was really outdated on this so i'll keep things really brief- ^^

Pat's obsession with plasma
There were these notices put up around the college's noticeboards a few days ago bout a talk on plasma which was to be held today. Pat seems to be over-enthusiastic bout it...he even tried to pull some people to go with him. (turned out Chia Wen was going...but i think it was him who pulled her in). At first, there were some of us (including yours truly) who had shared his enthusiasm but somehow or another, we all pulled out from it. He even resorted to trying to convince us he's gonna bring a plasma TV back from the talk O_o haha...

IMU Talk on Pharmacy
Mainly it's because at the same time, some representatives from IMU were also coming to Taylor's to talk bout career in Pharmacy or something like that. As they said the enrolling forms are sold during the talk, Yih Seong, Yong Chen, Hoi, Anne, and Paul went for it. Heard from them later that it's boring as hell and the lecturer was extremely biased towards pharmacists...which made some of them really tulan him. Yong Chen even shown us a new meaning of sleeping like the dead - he fell asleep during the talk and couldn't even wake up despite prodding, calling his name, shaking, stepping on his feet, and all that O_o (he finally woke up when Paul clapped in front of him...).

Back to yours truly...
As for me, nothing interesting noted today. Had wanted to go for the plasma talk but since nobody else's going except Pat and Chia Wen (i wouldn't want to be a lamp-post, would i), i decided to give a miss. (Kind of regretted it a bit though...i did nothing at home during the time they were at the plasma and IMU talks...sigh). Pat came home really excited bout what he had learned from the talk...he couldn't stop himself from 'sharing' his new-found knowledge with us upon returning (and no, we didn't even need to ask for it). To quote his overly-repeated phrases, "Plasma is the fourth state of matter which makes up 99% of the universe...bla bla bla...something bout Coulomb barrier...there's plasma all around us (even in flourescent lamps! O_o i never knew that)...and on and on...". Btw the IMU talk on Pharmacy didn't really appeal to me...i didn't even know what appealed to me...

Career Yoyage results...
Oh yea before i forgot, we took a Career Voyage test (forgot when already but it's around this date). It's bout answering more than 100+ questions on your interests so that you'll know what your potential career will be. We were supposed to get the printed results quite some time ago (as of the date this is written) but i don't think it'll help me much anyway. My Career Voyage test pointed out to me that i'll be good as a Lab Technician - Science...whatever that is. Yong Chen get the same too. As for Jem, he got some Tissue Culturist, Yih Seong got Nurse (haha...), Ashok got some engineering career (he's rather content with it...said he'll be going for engineering...before which he said he's interested in quantity surveying...and god knows what's next =P), and then the others i not very sure (it's so long ago...hope some of you'll refresh my mind ;) ). Wen Ying and Oscar got career as model...wanna live to see that come true hehe..

-6.05pm, 11 October 2004-
Strangely, we managed to survive one day without going for cc...^^"

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