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Monday, 13 September 2004

Trials Results

A happy ending to my Trials =)
After Paul SMSed me to tell me that the results of our trials are out (we can always rely on Paul for news in Taylor’s ;) ), Yih Seong called me to ask for my IC no. Well, as I’m lazy to check my results online, might as well I let him check for me. So amidst Yih Seong’s “Shit”s and “I hate you”s, I managed to find out that I got 4As except for Thinking Skills...which I got C I think. Here’s the results :-

Biology - 85
Chemistry - 89
Mathematics - 95
Physics - 87
Thinking Skills - 67

I gotta admit this time I’m extremely happy with my results =) though the Thinking Skills did disappoint me a bit. I think I’m really lucky to get these marks though, coz during the exams we still went cc as usual...if not even more than usual. Not even halfway through the papers, I already lost all motivation to study...but after the 3-days-in-a-row of cc IN BETWEEN the papers, anyone would feel guilty rite? =P. Think that got me to push myself to study harder...although most of the time it ended with me sleeping in the library. Sigh...

A very disappointing AVP movie
Neway, I watched Alien vs, Predator on DVD yesterday. Borrowed the DVD from Yong Chen two days ago but only managed to get myself out of bed to watch it yesterday. It wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be...heck, it wasn’t nice at all. The whole movie is mostly about humans trying-to-run-but-get-killed anyway while Aliens fight Predators. The fight scenes were okay, and the rest is nothing to shout about. Really disappointed it turned out like this...I was expecting a lot more from it (juz like everyone else I’m sure). But at least it kept me occupied for 2 hours of the day...and for once in weeks, I didn’t take my between-lunch-and-dinner nap =P.

-2.34am,18 September 2004-

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