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Friday, 24 September 2004

Re-match against Wy Keat's team
Mooncake Party! =)

Rematch against Wy Keat's team
After weeks of abstaining from futsal due to our trial exams, we came back from the holidays looking forward to the re-match against Wy Keat's team (the others but me and Yong Chen played and won against them before so they tak puas haha =P). Unfortunately, our only (and therefore, best) goalkeeper Jem is unfit coz he sprained his ankle during last Friday's 'futsal' in JB so his father asked him not to play for some time at least. Then this morning, our sub keeper Zi Yang had to leave for Penang as his grandma passed away (my deepest condolences to you...). Sensing we won't stand a chance without a keeper, Jem 'volunteered' to play for a while hehe ;).

Jem was in the starting line-up as our goalkeeper despite him being injured. And largely because of this (besides Hoi's relentless attacks and the others trying very hard to defend till they get really physical...especially Shan, Ashok and Paul ;) ), we beat them in the first of a few sessions. A while into the game, Jem sprained his ankle again and had to be sidelined. Desperate for a keeper, Yong Chen, Hoi and then Yih Seong all tried to fit in Jem's place but so far only Hoi did a reasonably good job (haha sorry la but i think you guys do better at other positions ;) ). And right then they sub their whole team while our players were left panting on the field (we only have 7 players minus Jem so there's not much squad rotation going on). With this, they fought back and scored damn lot of goals though Hoi also kicked him quite a number of goals hehe (our team won't survive without him ;) ). Towards the end, we managed to fight back and won by a really narrow margin of 2 goals (around there coz nobody really keep track - yea, both sides scored that many goals...). Though this has to be the hardest game to date (lots of respect to the other team for playing so well ;) ), we can still proudly gloat on our still-unbeaten record haha =P.

This victory really has to be credited to Jem for playing so well though he's injured. He even returned to play as keeper again after resting at the side for a bout sportmanship! (as a result, he sprained his ankle the second time in 2 hours a few minutes before the match ended hehe - that's wat you get if you don't listen to your daddy =P). And of course not forgetting the others for fighting so hard to win though most of us got injured somewhere in the game ;) (ouch my i can't sit without my bruised butt killing me...let alone 'deploy submarines' comfortably =P)

Unexpected cc action...
On the way home after dinner with Jem, Ashok, Leong and Paul, we saw Jon (Paul's apartmentmate) playing in Silver Surfer so we decided to check out how he's been doing (he's been there since before our dinner ;) ). Then Jem suggested we join them but me and Ashok were somewhat 'reluctant' and we ended up deciding in front of the counter for several minutes. Right in the middle of our 'discussion', Paul just hit the bell and the next thing we know, we were sitting there playing Enfo for an hour plus till 10.40pm. *sigh*...i swear i didn't see it coming at all haha =P

Mooncake party! (not really a party seriously...)
As the Mooncake Festival is just around the corner, Pat suggested we hold a mooncake party ^^" (the 'real' purpose of this party was to get free mooncakes from Hoi haha =P). Neway, around 11pm, me, Pat, Paul, Jem, Ashok and Leong went to Hoi's house to have our 'mooncake party' with 4 mooncakes from Hoi's dad plus 1 from Yong Chen. In the end, all we managed to do at our 'party' was just sitting at Hoi's house watching 'Man on Fire'. We didn't even get to eat the mooncakes we brought there! ( we ate one of the durian flavoured jelly mooncakes and another normal one...but that's all we managed to eat during the whole movie...). Paul even fell asleep halfway through the movie hehe...(but he watched it before so that's no surprise...the VCD's his anyway). Well, though the party ain't that 'happening', the movie was rather nice...and at least we had something to look forward to the past few days ;)

-5.47pm, 4 October 2004-

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