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Sunday, 19 September 2004

Back in Subang...sigh (dunno if i feel happy or sad)

Came back to Subang today...another 1 month+ to spend away from our inifintely-cosier-than-121D homes ;). As usual, Leong bought the tickets for us a few days before we were supposed to leave. Thanx Leong for going thru all the trouble hehe =). Anyway, me, Yih Seong, Leong and Ashok nearly missed our bus ride (again) coz Ashok arrived late again (wat's new...). Unsurprisingly, once i got comfy with the bus seat, i fell asleep right away ^^" (to Yih Seong and Ashok : dun la sound all know i need 12 hours of sleep a day ;) ). Think i've not been getting enough sleep while at home...must be me all those late nights online sigh...

Reached Subang around 5.30pm (there's a massive (pronounced mAH-sIFF according to Pat) traffic jam due to heavy rain), took a taxi to My Place, and the first thing that greeted us was Paul shouting from upstairs haha. Heard he's been back here for a few days edi (apparently to study for Physics test but i doubt that haha =P).

Then when we entered our 'Bangla settlement' (as Yih Seong lovingly calls it), more surprise awaits us hehe. According to Jem, it seems like someone's been in our apartment when he came home (*wink wink*). At that time, only Pat's at home so go figure =P. Won't divulge any further info tho (gotta respect people's privacy you know ;) )...but i gotta say she slipped away real fast (if Jem were to be believed haha =P).

Don't really look forward to next month though...the days to our AS exams are counting down really damn fast =(

-7.36pm, 27 September 2004-
Weeks of studying awaits...(more like weeks of cc =P)

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