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Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Mini Class CC Outing
Great Melur Challenge - Paul/Jem

Mini class outing at Inferno =P
And so the word 'castle' spread across our class so fast there's nothing we could do but watch as our whole class fell into its spell (thanx to Pat...). After lunch together at our 'favourite' haunt Success Team Restaurant (don't ask me why the name is like dat...), someone suggested (my guess is Pat or Jem) we go for another round of 'castle' at Inferno (the most high-class and luxurious looking cc in Subang ;) ).

Me, Chow, Paul, Ashok, Jem, Yih Seong, Yong Chen, Leong, Hoi and Shan make up 10 players...whereas 'castle' can only support up to 8. So having no other choice, we played another map - DoTAA (this is a favourite on Battlenet and of Hoi and Chow). Ended the day with 2 hours+ of cc, very strained eyes, an a little bit of disappointment we didn't get to play 'castle' today. (Rest assured more is to come...^^")

Great Melur Challenge between Paul and Jem
Actually, Pat and Paul had challenged each other quite some time ago to see which of them can eat more rotis than the other. But because or one reason or another, the challenge was never realised till now. So in came another challenger to challenge Paul's undisputed big appetite for rotis - Jem =).

The venue : Sri Melur Jaya.
Time : Our dinnertime (around 9pm) after our daily hours of Internet surfing in college's library
Results :
Tally is in chronological order, starting from the earliest dish on top ;)

Paul's tally :
1 Mee Goreng
1 Roti Tampal
2 Roti Kosong
Jem's tally :
2 Roti Kosong
1 Mee Goreng
1 Roti Tampal

And so the challenge ended with a draw, with both of them agreeing to carry on the challenge to another day. Jem claimed he still can eat some more while Paul reasoned he ate at Burger King for lunch for his 'small' appetite that day. Anyway, there'll surely be another challenge going on soon...seeing that both challenger didn't want to back down so easily ;).

-7.36pm, 6 October 2004-

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