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Saturday, 18 September 2004

Answering Eric`s calling... (i swear it can be heard all the way from Singapore haha =P)

As Eric missed our outing last week (hey, it was last minute you shudn't blame us =P), he summoned us out for a date with him ;). And so being such 'good' friends we are, me, Yong Chen and Leong answered his call =P. Well, if someone came back all the way from Singapore to meet up with us, we can't really reject right...(i'm being sarcastic ;) )

Eric planned for us to have lunch in City Square. Me being the punctual guy that i am (*cough cough* haha), i reached there at 12pm just as Eric told me to. A few minutes later met up with Yong Chen, Leong and our guest-of-honour Eric =). Nothing much, just went to the same Japanese restaurant for lunch. Ate some piss-smelling noodles (it smells just like Yong Chen's...he said it's the bamboo). Then later went King Surf for 5 hours cc where Ashok joined us...(I really didn't feel like going actually but i was pulled along by them anyway...sigh haha =P)

-8.13pm, 24 September 2004-
I'm trying very very hard to catch up here...bear with me k?

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