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Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Catching up on an old friend...

My old friend...
Some time last week, I saw Viknes, one of my old friends from secondary school on Friendster. Seems like he got himself an account at last. Haven’t heard from him ever since after SPM and I couldn’t contact him coz he changed his handphone no. It’s only 9 months but it felt much longer than that. Really surprised to hear from him again after so long...think I’m even more surprised he still remembers me ;). Neway, he called me yesterday to catch up on our separate lives. Nothing much has changed in him...he still talks the same way and laughs the same way too hehe. Said he’s studying Form 6 but he’s gonna go UNI...TER or TAR or something. Told me he can’t stand Form 6…it’s very very hard. No surprise here, I had been told that STPM is much much harder than A-Levels. Should be happy I didn’t end up taking STPM then...:-/

Juz a thought...
After that incident last Saturday, i felt that i really should cherish every friendship i have now. You never know when we'll meet again after we go our own separate ways one day. I juz hope friendships do last forever like they always claim...though it's a rather far-fetched hope i admit. After several years apart, we would have nothing to talk to each other about and by then we would be more of strangers than friends. Sad to see that happen but it's they say, nothing last forever =(

-2.58am,18 September 2004-
Long live Friendster! =)

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