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Friday, 3 September 2004

The ride home...

Our not-so-smooth trip home...
Woke up at round 9am...though we’d originally planned to wake up at 8. Well, the alarm I put on my phone did rang but all it did was wake me up juz long enough to off the alarm hehe. Seems like Jem experienced the same thing. Everyone woke up around 9am anyway. But that’s no surprise, considering all of us only slept for like 5 and a half hours. All those hours of cc is starting to get to me...I can’t really think straight the whole morning...

Neway after making sure we didn’t miss a thing to pack home, me, Jem, Ashok (yes, he DID follow us back...though till yesterday he was still not sure whether his father will come up to fetch him back. We kinda expected him to stay in Subang a little longer ;)...), Yih Seong and Leong took the Metro bus to Pudu. Seems like taking bus is much faster and cheaper than lugging our bags all the way to KTM. Thanx Leong and Jem for discovering this much faster route! =) (They found it the last time they went back)

Reached Pudu at bout 10.50am n bought tickets for a 11.15am ride. Last time we bought the bus tickets in Subang a few days before we left for home...but Leong and Jem said juz buy at Pudu can get the much better Konsortuum bus than the Transnasional bus. Well, I can’t agree more ;) (all the Transnasional bus we had sat in always have one problem or another - there’s even one bus with so many flies in it O_o. That was the one we freeze in, Yih Seong...remember? hehe ;) ).The bus took off at 11.40am which was not really delayed. Then juz a few kilometres from the Pudu station, a car started honking beside the bus, telling the driver something. So then we stopped, and it seems like the baggage compartment door was loose and a few bags flew off (the bus was swerving at a rather high speed). Luckily we brought our baggage into the bus with us (Yih Seong was considering whether to put his baggage into the compartment juz before we left...). The worst thing was that we had to stop there and wait for 1 hour before we got transferred into another bus. Sigh...there’s one thing we learnt though : Everytime we travel in a big group, there’s bound to be some problems haha…and it has been proven a few times ;)

After bout 4 hours of bumpy ride, I started to notice the familiar surroundings. Sigh...two months away from home and now I’m back again. Somehow I was supposed to feel more homesick but strangely I missed Subang more than I missed home O_o. Maybe it’s because the thought of living in Subang for another 9 months only made me feel that I ‘should’ miss Subang more...I juz can’t see wat it’ll be like living alone in the future...and not going cc every other day =P. I think I’ll miss all my friends in Subang and JB when I go to university next...I’ll miss them very badly truthfully =/

-2.37am, 9 September 2004-

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