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Thursday, 23 September 2004

The Raspberry Cheese Cake Incident
Me getting 3-4ed?!

The Cheese Cake Incident
-22 September 2004-
(since Jem requested for this, i dutifully obliged to write this down ;). Btw it's recorded on Yong Chen's blog recently so i'll try to keep it short)

It all started with Jem's 'new' handphone (his hp is still not back from repair yet so now he's using his mom's Siemens hp). You see, there's a fortune-telling game on his phone which can tell your fortune for the day. It even got some people in 121D rather excited...especially Pat ;) (blame it on the dead-boring life here haha). Apparently, Pat got so engrossed in telling people's fortune that he even checked Jesus' fortune...for which he was punished not soon after that haha =P

Meanwhile, there's a end-of-exams party going on downstairs (including Wy Keat's class). As there's some blueberry cheese cake left over, Huah Shin brought 3 pieces up for Leong and the rest of us =). As he went to get his fork and spoon tho, Jem tried run away with the cakes (don't ask me why...). And so Jem brought the cakes and went hiding behind Pat's room's door, Leong found him, Leong kicked door, Jem tried to come out, Leong kicked hard the second time, the cakes flew, Jem and Leong tried to catch them, the cakes landed on Pat's bed haha. Consequently Pat had to wash his bedsheet and blanket hehe...(he complained the next morning that he nearly froze last night...gotta agree God's punishing him eh? haha =P)

I get 3-4ed...for nothing at all...
-23 September 2004-
Hmm...think that most of you would have known that i got 3-4ed...Well, apparently a Bee Dees magazine (some girls' magazine selling bikinis...oops did i said that out too loud? =P) mysteriously arrived in our mailbox today. We found out that it's a quarterly magazine and this is the second one we found to date (the first was 'picked up' somewhere downstairs quite some time ago so Pat kind of knew what he's bringing up into our apartment ;) )

Neway, there's this contest in the mag bout choosing the 'most beautiful' girl or something like that. As Pat always criticises Yih Seong's 'tastes', he decided to do a poll on thich girl we think is the prettiest. And so they (Pat, Yih Seong, Leong and Yong Chen) unanimously voted for girl no. 10 while i think girl no 5 looks better. The next thing i knew, they surrounded me and gave me what i 'deserve'...wait, i did nothing wrong! In fact, i did nothing! Sigh...guess it's not that safe living with them after all haha...Btw Ashok also voted for no.5! Seems like he has great tastes haha =P. i seeing another 3-4 coming =/

-8.15am, 28 September 2004-
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