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Wednesday, 15 September 2004

Happy 15th Birthday to my younger bro! (i wished you`ll grow up faster...)

Today my little bro turned 15! It’s kinda strange to see that he had grown even bigger than me and our older bro now hehe. Seems juz like yesterday when he was shorter than us =P. Neway, I’m gonna give a brief description here on my lil’ bro, Siaw Chye Keat.

Truthfully, my bro isn’t exactly what you’ll wish you have. He’s very naïve and never know when he crossed the line. It’s juz the way he is, he never seem to care about the other’s feelings sometimes (I had always blamed it on his young age). Ever since he was young, he had been very demanding. He wanted this and that and when he did not get it, he’ll throw tantrums. Thank god though, he grew more matured and very seldom lose his temper nowadays (but it doesn’t mean he never lose it though. You won’t like him when he's angry ;) ). At times, he can get very childish too...but that seems to wane as the years past by. Nevertheless, i can't wait till he grew up to be an adult...(haha sounds as if I'M an adult =P)

Now, when you put all that aside, you’ll find a guy who’s very caring deep in his heart. Sometimes it does show like when he got concerned of my grandma. And he’s really thoughtful at times too...especially after he passed the tantrum-throwing-at-the-slightest-agitation age. One thing sure about him, he likes to talk a lot, juz like my older bro. Seems kind of weird why I turned out to be such a quiet guy hehe.

One way or another, he’s still my younger bro and I definitely love him dearly ;). So here’s a birthday dedication to my now 15-year-old bro! Let’s hope he gets good results for his PMR this year...(he hadn’t been very good in his studies :-/).

The return of my older bro!
My older bro came back all the way from IMU to spend some time at home as well as celebrate my younger bro’s birthday. Think he got too homesick over there...heard he’s rather alone in his apartment of three. Isn’t it kind of weird, 3 people living together but seldom see each other? It’s not anyone’s fault though, sometimes we juz have to give each other privacy to get on with our own lives (something you’ll never ever get in 121D haha =P). Neway, he reached home at round 10pm and we celebrated the birthday like how we celebrate every year. A cake, some singing, some taking photos, and lots of eating =).

-3.50am, 18 September 2004-
Time to get some ‘early’ sleep now...

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