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Friday, 10 September 2004

Blissful holidays...

Typical day of my holiday =)
Ahhh...the bliss of holidays. Juz spent the whole day sleeping today =). What a nice feeling to be home on the bed, with no homework to finish, no exams to study for hehe. My typical day during the holidays is something like this : Wake up at around 1pm, eat lunch, nap till dinnertime, wake up for dinner, watch a bit of TV, spend the whole night online, end the day with sleep at around 4am in the morning and the whole process restarts. I think my lifestyle is called the dusk to dawn life...I’m a nocturnal animal ;). And i'm lovin' it haha.

Anyway yesterday was a break in routine...I watched Dawn of the Dead on my computer. Borrowed the DVD from Ashok the day before. The movie was ok...and now I understand why it will never be shown in Malaysia. More than three quarters of the movie shows a zombie’s head shot by a pistol, blasted by a shotgun, stabbed by some sharp thing, poked by a crowbar, those gory stuff. If Malaysia’s censorship board were to allow this movie to be shown, all that’s left takes less time to watch than reading any one of Irwin’s blog entries haha =P. The gory thing aside, it’s pretty much’ll only appeal to Chuin Hau kind of people haha (oops...shouldn’t offend anymore people now =P).

Then tonight saw Paul online for the first time hehe. I know he’d been online often, judging by the replies he posted in the chatbox, but I’d never seen him online before. So it was quite a surprise to see him on my online list (said I online very late compared to him...izzit? I never realise I online very late =P). Nothing much, juz chatted like how classmates-for-8-months would have chatted I think. Juz wanna note here that you are really amusing Paul haha ;). The way you type your messages is damn cute – don’t get me wrong here, it’s not Afree’s Paul-you-are-so-cute type of cute or Anne’s Brendan-is-so-attractive type of cute haha. It’s juz that everytime I chatted with Paul online, I got the feeling he’s like a child...really. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t go on anymore about this haha. Juz wanna say great to see you online Paul ;). Now, all those nights with only me online alone won’t be so lonely anymore hehe...(i'm an online addict ;). Can't live without internet...)

PS - Been talking too much cock edi...i think i'm drunk. Drunk with excessive sleep =P.

-1.19am,13 September 2004-
My blog is getting quite outdated rite...

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