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Friday, 29 October 2004

AS Update - Thinking Skills over for good
Movies after exams
Match-up against Sarawakians

Since that i'm rather backwards in this blog, i'll just post three days' entries at one go ;)

25th October 2004
AS Update : Thinking Skills Paper 1
Did AL-TKS Paper 1 today. Wasn't unexpected...the questions kinda have a way to answer them. Guess flipping thru Mrs. Fam's sad-excuse-for-notes does help after all. Actually she isn't that bad a lecturer...she's juz boring =P. Juz hope that i didn't screw up my Thinking Skills this time like i did for AS trials (keeping my fingers crossed here...)

'The Terminal'
After Thinking Skills today, me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen (surprise, surprise haha), Leong and Sanmugam went to watch 'The Terminal' at Pyramid. Well, what can i say...this gotta be the best non-action movie i have watched this year (wait...think that's the ONLY non-action movie i've watched...oh well). It's kind of interesting watching how Navorski scrape a living there (i didn't know you could afford to eat at Burger King just by pushing back the carts...) though some parts of the movie are rather impossible in real life (building a fountain out of pieces of glass? Come on...). Don't know where i hear this from but i heard it's based on a real story O.o. Me never thought it's possible to live in an airport...but then again, if we could live in 121D, anywhere's possible rite ;)

That night, 6 of us (Pat's still in financial crisis) went cc with Paul and Alvin (one of Paul's Sarawakian apartmentmates) from 12.30am to 2.30am. We must be us please...

27th October 2004
First match-up between Johorians and Sarawakians ;)
10.30pm. Me, Jem, Ashok, Yong Chen and Leong vs Paul, John, Tiong, Alvin and Yih Seong (we got too many players and they lack 1 player so Yih Seong went over). And we get to know how DotA pros play DotA. From the beginning till the end, we obviously had no chance. But that's not surprising, given that they went cc almost everyday (where the hell you get so much money from...). Guess practice does make perfect after all...

29th October 2004
AS Update : Thinking Skills Paper 2
Now for the much dreaded AL-TKS Paper 2...when there's never enough time to write (or should i say think?). Shouldn't they give us more time? Do they really expect us to evaluate evidence, answer a comprehension passage and evaluate an argument in 2 hours? Neway, looks like we'll have to make do then...which ended up with our answers making no more sense than Yih Seong's cock haha =P (not THAT one...please). I don't think i did well in this paper...let's just hope Paper 1 covers it =\

Me, Ashok, Jem and Paul went to Pyramid again. Actually, Jem and Paul's there to celebrate a church friend, Jason's birthday. After the birthday 'party' they are supposed to watch 'White Chicks', which Jem and Paul watched before. So they ask us to catch another movie with them since they're already there. At first we wanted to watch 'Ladder 49' but we couldn't get the tickets so we settled for 'Taxi'. Too bad for Ashok...he just went to watch 'Taxi' with Sanmugam right after Thinking Skills Paper 2 and now he's watching it again (sorry la...should have just ask you to buy the tickets while you're there...). As for the movie, it's funny sometimes but i don't think it's memorable. But Jem must have love it...especially the bank robbers changing clothes scene and the frisking scene haha. Control yourself Jem...=P

Second match-up : Johorians vs Sarawakians
Went for another round with the Sarawakians again tonight. At first we couldn't find any cc empty enough for 10 of us. In the end, Paul had to halau his friends out of cc just for us to play O.o (aren't we desperate... but then they've been there for a few hours considerate a bit la =P). That's one of the benefits having a friend who knows half the college ;). Anyway, this time Alvin couldn't make it (apparently his girlfriend woke up when he tried to sneak out haha) so Kok (LAN girl's* 'godbrother'...we thought it was her rooster ^^") took his place. As expected, we got ass-whooped again. So bad. So very bad that we couldn't take it anymore and decided to hold a secret training session O.o (this is pure madness...)

-1.06pm, 10 November 2004-
No more thinking to do! 8 more papers and still counting down...

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