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Thursday, 14 October 2004

AS Update - First paper down!
Update on class trip to Lanjut
De-stressing at Warnet

AS Update : Chemistry Paper 3 - Practical

As of today, the much anticipated and dreaded exams of the year officially starts. First paper was Chemistry practical, which was rather ok it seems (mainly because we got tips beforehand ;P). The usual titrations and QA (qualitative analysis) ...nothing seriously hard bout it. We've been doing it for a whole year, for god's sake...But still, some of us did fumbled during the practical hehe ;). I spilled some solution when filling up the burette (which ended up causing my readings to be far from each other - but i make do ;) ), Yih Seong spilled a whole flask of solution onto his paper (haha...), Jeremy's calculator failed him halfway through...nearly made him panicked haha, Yih Seong forgot to bring his calculator AND his spare calculator, and the list goes on...

Either we invite her and have our class trip ruined, or not invite her and have our A2 ruined. Decisions decisions...

During our quarantine after Chem practical (we were in the first shift), discussions went on bout the Lanjut trip again. Transport, activities, price, and then Ms Ho. This is the issue at hand : Our class does not want Ms Ho to join the trip, but if we didn't invite her and she finds out (she WILL find out bout it...), we'll have a real hard 6 months next year. But then if we invite her along, we will suffer at her hands and risk having our class trip ruined. After more than an hour on discussing bout Ms Ho alone, we still couldn't figure out any way which will make both us and Ms Ho happy. So in the end we just decided to invite her and hope she cannot come (we'll leave on a schooling day). And we invited Mr Chan and his family along too, just to make it a bit better if Ms Ho decided to join us =P (hehe actually it's because Yih Seong said it'll be much easier with an adult around to settle the payments and stuff..)

That night, Ms Ho asked Denise bout our class trip. Seems like nothing escapes her eh? Sigh...and she seems really eager to join us on the trip (she even wanted to take leave on that day just so that she can go with us...). Looks like Anne's sixth sense didn't work this time haha...then again, it never works =P

AS just started, but...

I swear we are hopeless now. I swear we can't live without cc. I swear our AS gonna be screwed if we go on like this...sigh ^^"

Right after our lunch after our quarantine after our Chem practical, we felt the urge to go cc relieve stress apparently (hey come on, we only finished 1 paper!). Anyway, me, Chow, Hoi, Pat, Jem, Ashok, Paul, Zi Yang and Sanmugam went to Warnet as Silver Surfer (our fav hangout place =P) was full. We even agreed to play in the smoking zone as the only coms free are inside ^^" (Paul reasoned that no one smokes in there oh well...). Some of us (especially Pat) wanted to play 'castle' initially but we got too many players so we played some other maps. Played from 1pm to 3pm then Pat, Hoi, Chow and Zi Yang left but the rest of us held on ^^". Five of us played Warcraft, before me, Paul and Jem tried the Doom 3 multiplayer - where they quit halfway because they claimed that i killed them too much haha =P. Just before we left, me and Paul tried Unreal Tournament (though there was some problems with the CD-key but we just played on for like 20 minutes). Seems like he love UT2004 so much hehe...

-6.28pm, 20 October 2004-
1 paper down, 12 papers to go...

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