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Monday, 18 April 2005

'The Pacifier'

Got as many people together as i could today to catch a movie. Staying at home the whole time in front of the TV with a PS2 controller in hand isn't really my idea of a blissful holiday but at least it kept me occupied ^^. The only people agreed to come were Yong Chen, Jem, Ashok and Irwin. Heard Irwin has a holiday now too, so Jem got him to come along.

Everyone reached at 12pm, with me being a bit late (couldn’t help it haha..bus was too slow =P). Watched 'The Pacifier' at 12.55pm. A comedy that's not really funny...but i love the 'why do you have such big boobies' part haha. Aside from that, it's not a very good movie, everything-else-wise. Vin Diesel should juz stick to action movies, period.

After movie, had our lunch at our favourite restaurant (again..), the one with a picture of Pikachu somewhere in the restaurant. Jap food again...piss smelling food again haha. Ashok never been there before so we thought he should know where our favourite haunt is hehe. At least it got me full and satisfied =). Finished lunch, then milled around the shopping complex while the others went home, and got the new 'Splinter Cell' for PS2 so that i can find yet another way to waste my holidays away ^^. Sigh...less than a week to go...

And here comes the inevitable...
Last night, while i was asleep early for the first time this holidays, Yong Chen just had to prevent that from happening haha. Told me the results are out, and well, within the next few minutes i was looking at mine. 1A, 2Bs and 1C. Not bad...but not exactly good too. Heard the others didn't do well as well...but we learn from that, ya. Surprising thing is i got B for math...didn't see that coming, to be honest. Ah well, maybe i was being overconfident bout it. It always happen with me sigh. Overconfidence. Confident that i can finish going thru Chem in a couple of days. Confident i don’t need more than a day for Math. I do mistakes too...but we learn from mistakes. Buck up and give it our best in the real exams, guys. Can’t afford any more mistakes, can we? ;)

-3.56am, 23 April 2005-

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