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Thursday, 5 May 2005 damn tired..

Back in 121D last Sunday. And i've feel really tired since then. Maybe it's just my body refusing to get up at 7am everyday. That's juz too early. Sigh. So much happened too. Totally unlike the uneventful holidays. Hehe.

Got back all our trials papers last week. Could have done better than what i've done. Should have done better. Damn lot of careless mistakes. Makes me wonder if i really took the trials seriously. Doesn't matter now anyway. Gotta keep my head on A2. And it's only 2 weeks away from today. Began wondering whether i can finish studying again. Better not think of it. =/

i HATE interviews...
Just had an interview at IMU a few days ago. I think mine was supposed to be on Saturday, along with Yong Chen and Paul. Too bad when the IMU fellar called the other day i was busy sleeping (stop giving me that look haha). Ended up having to have it on Tuesday, and that day i have Chem test in the morning. Hmm..looking on the bright side, i had more time to prepare myself..

To say i did a great job impressing the interviewers would be stretching it REAL far. Then again, i'm impressed at myself just for surviving it =). Maybe no one realised before..but I developed a fear of interviews ever since i went for the ASEAN scholarship interview when i was 12. I was so nervous then i just blanked out after the first few questions. Only managed to look down, and i get the feeling they are staring at know, that kind of feeling. Still remember those 5 interviewers trying to get me to say something...anything at all. But i just sat there, quiet. I wanted to open my mouth..but there's nothing to say. Before i could think of an answer, they throw another question my way. Sigh. And my parents put so much hope in me. Dad even took time off work to drive me to Singapore, and Mom's always right beside me till the time i stepped into the interview room...and out traumatised.

Since then i never want to go thru it again...but life's full of interviews, ain't it. I guess we gotta face our fears, there's no running away from them...oh yeah i don't have to tell you all i didn't get the scholarship right haha..

Well, at least this time i didn't just keep quiet...not that i have a choice if i wanted to =/. But still, i don't think i gave satisfactory least answers long enough for them to think of another question to ask. They always seem to be waiting for more from me...but i can't think of anything else to say to save my life =/. Wondering if i could get into IMU... don't know what to do if i don't (altho half a year of holidays doesn't sound like a bad idea =P).

After the interview, Wy Keat called me out for a drink. He got into IMU half a year earlier...and he's been telling me bout life in IMU. If there's any in the first place =P. Good news is, there's only 2 hours of lecture a day. Bad news, the rest of the day is spent studying for the exams. Sounds fun. *roll eyes* haha..

PS - resorted to skipping the first few classes the past few days. Just to catch up on my sleep. Waking up at 7am just ain't working for me =P. Still feel tired after sleeping...maybe i should sleep longer haha. And btw i didn't do the questions we were supposed to discuss in class anyway..

PS PS - ok, i confess. I went to play DotA the last weekend. Two days in a row. Sigh. The guys juz seem so desperate...i swear they'll even get down on their knees if i hesitate for another second haha =P. And they should put a warning somewehre : 'CC is hazardous to health'. Really. Tiong fell sick a few days ago after spending 15 hours straight(!) in cc (two and a half hours of that was with us =/). He's back in Kuching right now...hope he recover soon.

-7.10pm, 5 May 2005-

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