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Friday, 20 May 2005


I feel different. I don't feel the same ever since i got dengue. Heck, i don't even remember how i was before that. I only know that now, the days seem to drag on. Felt so numb inside sometimes. Wake up, eat, study, sleep. The same thing everyday. Nothing exciting happening lately. It's so quiet in 121D the whole that Jem and Leong's back in JB. Studying is all i can do to keep myself connected to this world. Maybe it's juz the dunno. And i've been feeling that itch for DotA again. I'm bored.

Not to say i have nothing to look forward to. On the contrary, there's so many things i've been waiting for. Movies, games, the end of A2. Lately i'm starting to grasp what's going on. In less than a month, it'll be the end of college for me and most of my friends. I won't be seeing them anymore most least for a long long time. Felt sad everytime i think bout it. That's why i looked stoned at times. I've been thinking too much. Maybe i shouldn't be. It's making me depressed..

I've been blogging a little bit too often now...should be studying instead =/. In the past 2 days, i've made very little progress in my studying. I would flip a few pages, then doze off for the rest of the day. Or if not, i'll find myself here, in The Web (Taylor's new com room, to you old folks haha =P), clicking the mouse aimlessly. Oh yeah, they somehow found out and deleted Warcraft from the coms. Haha..took them quite some time. At least a few of us managed to 'try' it out the other day =P. Ah well..nothing's free in this world, eh?

The movie i've been waiting my whole life..
On a lighter note, the movie i've been waiting for finally has a release date.'s not Star Wars that everyone's talking bout. I was never a big fan of it anyway. I'll just watch it for the sake of watching it. I'm talking bout Final Fantasy 7 : Advent Children, a fully CGI-rendered movie. It's based on my favourite game of all time, Final Fantasy VII. Have never been able to contain my enthusiasm since i found out bout the movie last year. And now it's finally gonna come out...but not in the cinemas =(. Only available in DVD, and it's not even confirmed that it'll reach here. But i got a couple of FF7:AC mad friends here as well..maybe i can get them to buy one copy for me. You don't know how much i want to have this DVD...i'll die for it. Really. I'll be a really happy boy on 14 September 2005. =)
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Barret ..

Denzel, Tifa and Vincent ..

Yuffie ..

Cid ..

Nanaki (aka Red XIII) ..

Tifa kicking Loz ..

Rude and Reno ..

Cloud..with Midgar in the background

Another fight scene =)

Some 'boss'..think it's Bahamut

-6.25pm, 20 May 2005-
20.05.2005. Hmm...special date today hehe..


noxious_fumes said...

Tak malu punya anjing ... =P

senaiboy said...

which part of the post do u mean.. haha