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Thursday, 19 May 2005

I'm bored..ignore me =P

It was once a it's real..
A long long time ago, when the name Pat still reigns supreme on the high scores of Sky Force, it was something we can only dream about. It's merely a passing fantasy, something to hope for, but nevertheless a possibility never thought to be possible. It once existed in our wildest dreams...and now, our lives will be changed forever. Welcome to heaven. Welcome to the world of FREE DOTA!

Haha pardon me...i was juz being excited at the thought of being able to play DotA for free. What am i talking bout? Anyone who's studying in Taylor's and NOT have a life will have known by now. It's possible to play DotA in the Web! Which means from now on we'll have free cc for as long as we're still students of Taylor's =). Don't know which bloody genius figured out how to install Warcraft on the college's coms...but it doesn't matter who anyway. As long as WE get to play as well, we'll keep this a secret from the powers that be. Haha..i've never thought anyone could be that smart to do it. Thanx whoever you are! You smart dog =P

A private blog?
Btw i was thinking of starting another blog...and no, this blog will live on. I was thinking..this blog is more like an day-by-day account of my life now, so i'll have another to record my thoughts. Somewhere i can say what's on my mind freely. Maybe even 'private' thoughts (but i'll keep them passworded =P). Anyway i'll let you all read it once it's deemed 'ready' by me ;). Stay tuned..

A2 exams..
Don't wanna talk bout it from now on. Just that if it's over, it's over. I'll juz look forward to the next paper each time i finished the last. Better stay happy during my last few days of college, aight?

-6.25pm, 19 May 2005-
Free DotA...

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