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Sunday, 28 November 2004

Happy 18th Birthday Yong Chen!
Back to classes...
Wo men bei fang fei ji...

Here's a birthday dedication to Yong Chen, my best friend and worst enemy =). Known him since primary school and I think he changed somewhat since then. A lot more Ah Beng now haha =P. I can't say much bout him (coz he'll be reading this haha) but all I can tell you is, he's a really great guy ;) (no, he's not beside me watching me type every word...). He's somewhat quiet but he can be a great cock-talking partner if you want. Maybe that's what you'll be if you get stuck with Yih Seong for 2 whole years haha =P. We owe him a lot too coz he's been willing to let his place be our meeting ground before our cc action each and every time. And also as our stay-over parties ground last time...(now it's Ashok's mansion ;) ). Happy birthday Yong Chen! Nothing but the best I'm wishing for ya ;)

Btw happy birthday to my other friend, Thanesh too. Got to know him in Form 3, when he sat besides Yong Chen in front of me (coincidence, eh? Two guys sharing the same birthday sitting next to each other...). Didn't get to see him much nowadays tho he's studying SAM in Taylor's as well. But still a very happy birthday to him =). Hope he get great results for his SAM.

Back to classes =(
College starts again for around a week plus before we sit for our Semester 3 exams. Which means every lecturer will be rushing thru the syllabus like there's no tomorrow. And all of us will be sleeping in class in the process. Ok, so it's juz me sleeping in class haha =P.

Dozed off during class...even Ms Ho's class ^^". Thankfully she didn't make a big fuss over it...guess she understands I'm damn tired after the trip. Besides, I already felt sleepy thinking bout our extra Chemistry class today =(. Btw Anne and the rest bought a cake for YC's birthday this morning. Too bad Ms Chan didn't allow us to celebrate in class (in the hope that we can waste a bit of Chem class's time). Seems she's not gonna fall for the same trick twice hehe. Anyway YC did get his deserved birthday bashing in class ^^...but i didn't touch you i swear haha. After college we went for the usual DotA...with me, YC and Ashok staying longer to play Warhammer which lasted till 7pm! If that's not crazy I don't know what is...=P

Wo men bei fang fei ji...(our plane got abandoned...)
For dinner we had our due birthday treat from Yong Chen =). Leong paid for a part of it with his parents' money which was meant for us (we always get the other's parents to treat us every time they came up ^^). Ate in the nearby Pizza Hut...been a really long time since we ate together haha. That in part is due to nobody's celebrating birthday since June...(You know what, every month from January to June is someone's birthday month in 121D! Really interesting eh...).

Before that, Chiang Wey and Adrian contacted us to tell us they're in Subang. Planned with them to go cc at night. So we called Paul along and went to Warnet after dinner at around 9.00pm to wait for them. 9.30pm they still not there yet. When we called them, they say they were still playing with their other friends in Warnet Xedition and they won't be joining us! And here we are waiting juz to play with them. Jem even reserved seats for them already...thank god we don't need to pay for them. So with seats already taken, what else can we do? ^^"

-2.48am, 2 January 2005-

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