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Thursday, 11 November 2004

AS Update - Physics Paper 1
Off on family vacation in PD

Physics 1 in the morning. Planned to wake up early to at least do some of the stacks of dusty past year papers that's still left untouched on my study table since Mr Selva gave them months ago. Too bad I can’t get out of bed...sigh. But fortunately the paper went rather least I finished just in time ^^. Keeping fingers crossed...

After the paper I rushed home to pack my stuff to escape from this hell hole =P. Months with these guys can drive anyone mad...really ;). If there's a study on how stress affects someone, 121D will be the best place. When not studying frantically for the next day's paper (emphasis on 'next day' ;) ...we juz love last minute revisions, don't we?), we'll juz sit around the table blankly. If you wait long enough, you may actually catch glimpses of Yih Seong’s spontaneous bursts of unexplainable acts or Leong's hidden destructive nature. Sometimes I don’t feel safe living with them haha =P...especially during this time of the year. They all look really stressed out...

Actually my second aunt's coming to fetch me to Port Dickson for a family vacation this weekend. Since a few years ago, this has become our family's annual activity me thinks. We'll drive to one of the beach-side bungalows provided by my aunt's company and juz relax. Just what I need at the moment...relaxation ;). And no food problems for three days!

Btw Jem and Leong went back too. That's 3 DotA players less hehe. Wonder if they'll go cc without us...(this is a rhetorical question of course =P)

-1.52am, 16 December 2004-
Off to Port Dickson to de-stress! =)

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