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Saturday, 27 November 2004

Lanjut trip Day 3 - Back in My Place

Paul and YS came into our room to wake us up for breakfast at around 8.30am (breakfast's supposed to end around 9am). Zi Yang continued to sleep in the room and didn't come along with us. After that there's supposed to be a 'Nature Walk' but we decided to give it a miss because it started to drizzle a bit (plus we thought it won't be very interesting anyway). Instead, some of us rented bicycles for an hour from around 10.30am. It's been a really long time since i last rode a bike...took me a while to get used to it ^^. Me, YC and Chow tried to find the airfield to collect some iron ores, but due to my misdirection, I almost led them out of the resort when it started to rain ^^". We ended up back where we started, albeit half drenched hehe. Only after getting Afree to lead us did we get to the airfield. It looks sort of like an empty stretch with lots of reddish-brown rocks (which I found out were iron ores) on it...and Afree said he thinks it's been unused for a while. I can really see that. Wandered around with Ian Zing, Afree and Yong Chen before picking up some ores to bring home as memento.

After returning the bicycles, bathed and packed, we had our last meal in Lanjut before leaving at around 1.30pm. Reached home 5 hours later, with all of us sleeping the whole journey ^^. Guess everyone's really tired...but then by the time we reached Subang, we nearly went for DotA. Sigh haha...

Yong Chen's birthday surprise ;)
Juz 3 days without DotA and our fingers are really itching to play. And so after dinner, we went for one game with Paul, Tiong and David. Somehow, things look like we can't live without DotA...and I don't like the sound of that ^^".

ACTUALLY, the DotA game was juz a sort of time-wasting till Yong Chen's birthday tomorrow! ;). At the struck of midnight, Paul brought up a blueberry cake from his apartment downstairs (I don't know who bought doesn't matter rite? =P). He didn't seem really surprised to me...but maybe that's because we had too many midnight birthday celebrations before this. Well, at least he does seem happy bout it ^^. Too bad he didn't get the birthday bashing he deserved for some reasons (for safety reasons...OUR safety ;) ). Finished the cake in less than 15 minutes, and we're off to sleep for tomorrow's class. Sigh...I'm gonna miss the class trip...

-3.19am, 31 December 2004-

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