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Sunday, 21 November 2004

Wedding Lunch! Yum yum...

We were supposed to have breakfast with my uncle in the morning...but too bad, me and my bros couldn't wake up. Those late night (or was it early morning) of PS2 playing sure knocked us unconscious for very long. By the time we woke up, it's to get ready for my cousin's wedding reception at noon. It's held at Sheraton Subang, close to where I lived. Quite a coincidence...and it'll make it easier to get back to My Place too ^^. The food is ok...not to say superb but it's still good compared to what we normally eat in Subang. Heck, anything's good compared to that ;). But I love the red wine...couldn't stop myself from drinking it. Got another thing to admit...think it's my first time drinking red wine ^^". Juz managed to refill my glass a couple of times...those waiters are so inefficient haha =P

By 3.30pm I found myself back in My Place...straight after the wedding feast. Part of me's happy to be back again...part of me dreaded what I've to do once I got home. You see, those 3 days away aren't really productive in terms of Bio I got a lot to catch up now. Sigh...wish me luck ^^"

-2.19am, 23 December 2004-
Congrats to my newlywed cousin, Angeline Woo and my cousin-in-law, Ah Dee! =)

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