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Monday, 8 November 2004

Irwin left...
...Jem went cc...
...and Paul made an enemy

Irwin has left the building, I repeat, Irwin has left the building...
Irwin left 121D in the morning before I wake up. Didn't even manage to bid goodbye to him…maybe I woke up too late =P. But Ashok and Jem are worse off...they were still unconscious when I woke up at 1.30pm sigh haha. Ended up postponing our lunch even later than usual. Think we shouldn't have go cc till so late at night again...(but it won't be the last time I'm sure ^^")

Free CC for Jem (sounds like a dream huh? someone else paying for you to enjoy hehe ;) )
Anyway, during lunch Hoi asked Jem out for cc and said he'll pay for him (coz Jem told him he already spent a lot in cc yesterday). Apparently his older bro's back from Australia and wanted to go play DotA but they lack 1 player so it's Jem to their rescue ^^". Didn't go along coz I'm in financial crisis too...all DotA’s fault sigh =P

Paul made an enemy?!
That night, Yih Seong came home with 'shocking' news (he went to the classroom to study every night...with someone else of course ;) ). According to him, someone poured some white stuff (think it's liquid paper) on the mirror in the top floor's toilet. Nothing much, except the letters scrawled onto it are very interesting. On it, the words "Paul Kong sux" can be seen. Well well, looks like our friend had offended someone lately ^^". Or maybe it's juz someone with a bad sense of humour...

-1.42am, 13 December 2004-
Don't worry Paul, we'll help you find the culprit ;). In Pat's words, 'we'll hunt him down like a sick animal...'

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