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Tuesday, 16 November 2004

AS Update – Chemistry Paper 1, Physics Paper 2

DotA after Chem 1
Chemistry 1 at 9am yesterday. Woke up at 7am juz to study for it. Yea...I'm that worried bout chemistry. Especially since it'll be the one that'll bring me down (well, chemistry has been my worst subject I guess). But I think I did rather ok this time. After all the suffering I went through because of it, I better get good results for it...

After the paper, me had lunch with classmates. And now I think wat a bad idea it is to have lunch with them haha =P. Before we even finish our lunch, Paul asked whether we want to go for DotA afterwards (his other friends are going, so...). What a question to ask...the answer is already out there before anyone can say anything ;). So before long, we find ourselves inside Warnet again. Sigh...the exams ain’t over yet guys...

-1.23am, 23 December 2004-

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