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Wednesday, 1 December 2004

Chemistry test from hell
Return to futsal
Paul's birthday celebrations

To get us ready for the Sem 3 exams, Ms Chan decided to throw in a Chem test juz a week before that (we won't be studying anyway she if setting a paper will get us studying...). It'll be on A2 Organic Chemistry...the mother of all damn-hard-Chem-topics =(. Tried to study for it since 2 days ago...but I guess no amount of revision gonna get me ready for it. As expected, it turned out to be impossibly hard...for me at least. Could juz look blankly at the paper and tried to write something on it anyway...anything is better than nothing rite. Chem wasn't my forte so I guess I'm not surprised I couldn't answer like two thirds of the paper. hell with the paper. Gonna concentrate on Sem 3 next week...

Futsal action! And we got really rusty after so long...
During Physics class this morning, we were told by Mr Chan that his team (mostly Phy lecturers) will be playing futsal against PM3. Somehow Paul got us into that match to make it a three-way game ^^. It's been like, more than a month since we last played...but Mr Chan's team wanted to get their revenge for the last time they got beaten (I wasn't playing yet at that time). So with no warm-up match and no training at all for all the weeks we've not been playing futsal due to AS exams, we head straight for our doom ^^"

As it turned out, our futsal team performance was dismal at most. Only managed to win once against PM3 and once against Phy lecturers out of 6 games. Before we even started, Shan and Hoi were really nervous coz we haven't play futsal for a long time. And they were one of our best players. What more can I say? ^^. With this ends our futsal season for 2004. No more 'unbeatable' in front of PM1 futsal team I guess haha...

Paul's birthday celebrations!
Tomorrow will be Paul's true to our tradition, we gonna have a birthday celebration at midnight! =) But we didn't have much time to plan for it was during my dinner with Pat, YC, Ashok and Leong at Coffee Cabana that I asked what are we gonna do. Thing is, nobody really thought of what we gonna do ^^". In the end, I had to do all the planning...sigh. Went to library after dinner, and luck be on our side, I saw John there...but right before he went out. I rushed out to find him...but then Ashok's still using the computer inside! ^^" After waiting for Ashok, we walked towards Silver Surfer (I saw him turning right outside I thought he went cc la) but then we saw him in Kiosk. So after discussing a while, we agreed to share Paul's cake...and we gonna have the celebrations at their place.

Next thing, I had to asked YS and Denise to buy the birthday cake (he went out somewhere...and he told me he can buy a cake if we want). With the cake and place settled, all we gonna do now is wait =). And what better way to wait than playing DotA (this is YS's logic...tho I can't really relate to it haha). About 12.20am, Jem gave us a heads-up (he and Paul went for some church thingy and birthday celebrations with church friends). Didn't finish our game yet...but then that can wait. Went to Paul's apartment to get everything ready for his arrival. John was sleeping by the time we got into their place ^^"...thankfully Tiong and Yun were up.

12.30am, we heard and saw a car stopping downstairs. So we turned off all the lights. Then Yun realised the outside light was off too so she went to on it (apparently Paul saw the light being turned on and got suspicious). Then Paul saw our slippers outside his place, and he ran upstairs shouting haha (Jem blocked the way down ^^). Then somehow, he managed to run all the way downstairs and refused to come into his place. Actually we didn't plan to 3-4 him the moment he stepped in (that's why we didn't bother to hide our shoes)...we never plan any birthday 3-4 in fact. It's all spontaneous so you can't predict when we gonna act haha (that's wat make it so 'exciting' =P...the waiting for it to come part haha). The candles were melting already and Paul still refused to come in. We had to promise him there won't be any 3-4 before he came in (he can be so naïve haha =P). So all was well, with the usual birthday song and the candle-blowing. THEN the 3-4 signal is flashed, and on comes the pre-bashing birthday song...and as intended, Paul was caught unguarded haha. Caught hold of him and gave him his due bashing ^^ (Pat was using an empty 5L water bottle haha). We've been waiting for this for a long time already muhahaha...

After the birthday cake eating session, Paul blanja all of us an hour of cc each! Thanx Paul...we never expect you to treat us anything actually ^^

-3.49am, 2 January 2005-

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