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Wednesday, 22 December 2004

'Ocean's Twelve' at City Square

The past few days have been rather waking up around 2pm, had lunch, nap all the way till dinner time, had dinner with family, then online from 12am to bout 4am in the morning before going back to sleep. Not really the most enjoyable life...but at least I get to do what I want whenever I want. Too bad I won't have this luxury in Subang...where there's always something to do, clothes to be washed, homework to be done...sigh.

Anyway staying at home everyday was really getting to me so I called the rest out to watch Ocean's Twelve. Initially I planned for it to be on Tuesday but Yih Seong wanted to wait for YC to come back. But then Ashok's going up to KL today until Christmas. After days of changing the plans and dozens of SMS sent out from my hp, we settled for today...mainly coz we spent too much time planning and before we realise, it's Wednesday already. Which means we had to abandon Ashok...well, we'll make up for it some other time k?

Woke up around 8am and took a bus to City Square with my younger brother (he's going to watch movie with his friends there too) at bout 10am. Met up with YC, Jem, YS, Leong and Eric there. Most of the others couldn't make it...sigh. As the next Ocean's Twelve show was at 1.15pm, we went to have our lunch at the same old Japanese restaurant we always go...coz we couldn't think of anywhere else besides McDonald's. As for the movie, it's not bad...though not as good as I expected it to be. Got a little bit confused near the end coz there's juz too many twists in the plot ^^". Btw I'll watch Ocean's Eleven on Channel 5 next Sunday...heard it's much better than its sequel.

After the movie, we went to cc to quench YS's thrist for DotA hehe. And we wanted to see how good Eric really is ;). Btw a few days back I found a way to play Warcraft online...but so far only YS's able to do it. Good for him I guess...he's been complaining he's damn bored at home hehe. Maybe he'll get damn good at DotA after all the training he gets at home...^^

-3.22am, 8 January 2005-

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