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Friday, 10 December 2004

Back home...after so long =)

Back home...after so long =)
Woke up at 9am to get ready for our journey home. Labelled everything within sight, dumped our guitars at Paul's place and left 121D at 11.30am. Won't be coming back till next year...and according to the Hostel Management fellars, we are gonna get a new washing machine, TV, water heater in the master bedroom (that's mine, YC's and Leong's room!), and a few other additions. Hope they get the fridge replaced with a bigger one...or at least repair the old one ^^

Our bus left Pudu at 12.50pm and reach the toll 4 hours later. About 200m from the Senai toll, the bus broke down. Fortunately I was getting down at the toll =). Jem, YS, Leong and Pat had to wait for another bus to come pick them up and send them to the Larkin bus station. And I thought that this time, there won't be any mishaps since we were going back together. It's juz fate isn't it haha. There have to be some problems when we travel back together in a bigger than 2 people group...but I guess we should be thankful we always reach home safely =)

-4.00am, 7 Januray 2005-

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