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Thursday, 2 December 2004

Happy 18th Birthday Paul!
'Alexander', the too-gay movie

Now, Paul is our 8th apartmentmate, for the no-knocking-on-the-door-before-coming-in way he comes into 121D haha. He'll juz bang the door open, much to everyone's shock ^^ (sometimes we thought some robbers are coming in or something). Seriously, Paul's really close to 7 of us, hence the 8th part. We already treat him as one of us, letting him come in and go as he wishes (which explains the way he comes in). If you still can't see it yet, Paul's a really great guy...and a much better friend ;). In fact, he's so great the whole Taylor's know him..and it's really true! Besides being louder and more straight-forward than 'normal' people, he's a 'happy bunny' inside (find out which one you are below ;) ). So here's wishing Paul a very big happy 18th birhday! Wish you all the best in whatever you do =).

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’Alexander’, the too-gay movie ^^"
After college (which I slept thru half of it...but what's new =P), me went to Pyramid with Pat, Leong, Yong Chen, Ashok, Shan, Paul and Zi Yang. Problem is, we got only 1 car and there's 8 of us. So with some squeezed asses here and some squashed balls there, all of us managed to get into Shan's 1.6 Waja. Pat and Yong Chen in the front passenger and Paul sitting across our laps behind. Not to say the most comfortable car ride, but it still gets us there ;).

After we bought the tickets for 'Alexander', we walked around the mall to pass time. So me and Yong Chen went to the Bata shop downstairs to browse around with the rest joining soon afterwards. While paying for my sandals, the rest walked out of the shop without telling me. So when I didn't see them around, I thought they went downstairs (Zi Yang said there's a Nike shop downstairs). I walked for a short distance downstairs, when Paul called me to ask where am i. Then two really familiar persons walked in front of me in my direction. Guess what, it's Jem and Melanie! Apparently Jem abandoned us to go on a 'date' with her haha...such friend =P

Hoi called to say he's joining us juz before the movie started. Thankfully I was able to get a seat juz next to ours ^^. As for the's ok la. Too much gay-ish scenes though...and I shivers everytime that Bagoas fellar came on screen. He looks haha. Don't get me wrong here, I got nothing at all against gays...but it's juz too unbearable looking at him getting 'comfy' with Alexander. Urgh...But other than those scenes, it's rather a watchable movie. Only that it's 3 hours long (ouch my ass...) and too few battle scenes ^^.

-4.14am, 2 January 2005

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