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Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Futsal (in JB) at last...

Futsal at last...
After a few postponements due to the difficulty in finding the time for everyone, Yih Seong planned futsal for yesterday initially. Then we had to delay the futsal for a day coz I had to meet Jeng Khay and the rest for a movie. Sorry, Yih Seong...

The futsal was supposed to begin at 11am...but I only woke up at 10.30am by Yong Chen's phone call ^^". I was supposed to go to his place in the morning but I overslept hehe. Dad drove me to the Larkin stadium at 11.20am and I hopped into Jem's car (the directions to the futsal court was not really clear coz only You Jin and Mahendra know the place). Started playing at 11.30am till 2pm (actually we were supposed to stop at 1pm but we played on for another hour). Me aside, Jem, YC, YS, Ashok, You Jin, Chua, Xing Loong, Eric, Boon Shih, Mahendra and Keith were there. We played an All Stars vs 'the rest' match, and surprisingly 'the rest' team won by one goal at 5 - 4 =). But maybe we won coz it's 7 against 5 so they have no substitutes hehe. Then it's St Joseph* vs 'the rest' match...which was juz exactly like the previous one (and sadly, St Joseph wasn't the All Stars team ^^"). Around 10 minutes before time, I had cramps on both my legs, thus the match had to stop at 7 – 7. Well, sorry again guys...if not we could have beat them another time haha =P. Had our lunch after futsal at a mamak restaurant not far away...and it's no match for Subang's Melur or Rafi anytime ;).
*St Joseph was our primary school. Among us from that school include me, Jem, YC, Ashok, Mahendra, Boon Shih and Eric. And no, Yih Seong, a day in St Joseph doesn't make you one of us haha =P

-4.27am, 7 January 2005-

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