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Friday, 3 December 2004

Me so damn tired...
'Bourne Supremacy' at Hoi's place
Newcastle 0 - 4 Chelsea

Sigh...I need to pay back my sleep debt soon. Ever since before AS exams, I've not been getting more than 8 hours of sleep every day (dat's NOT enuff, mind you =P). Got so damn tired last night that I fell asleep at 10pm and left my clothes in the washing machine overnight. The washing machine's still half-dead btw...keep beeping and stop spinning halfway for reasons only God knows. Jem was chosen to call that Nelson guy to repair the washing machine bout a month plus ago but it seems like he's not going to do it anyway... (if I was chosen I'd be too lazy to call him too)

After waiting for Ashok and Jem to wake up ('s always waiting for the same pigs haha =P), we ate lunch at Silva's, then decided to go for DotA. Don't know why, lately we've been craving for DotA day in, day out. Maybe we juz got to de-stress after the one-month long AS exams. But the thing is, next week will be our Sem 3 exams =(. Nvm, enjoy ourselves while we can ya? =P

'Bourne Supremacy' at Hoi's place
At night, we had dinner at McD's without Jem coz he went for church thingy (hey sorry we didn't know you'll be eating with us). Then Hoi asked us to go to his house to watch 'Bourne Supremacy' on DVD. That evening, he bought an original DVD coz there's a police raid juz as he was looking for DVDs. What a coincidence ^^. Actually I've been wanting to watch it ever since it came out in cinemas though I missed the first one coz Paul and Jem said it's really nice. But then, Jem said he got the DVD so I was going to borrow it when I got back to JB. But now that I've watched it, I have more free time back in JB... =)

Newcastle 0 – 4 Chelsea
I really really want to watch this match at first...but then the others rather watch 'Bourne Supremacy'. Yeah, I'm a Newcastle (and Exeter too ;) ) fan, if you don't know by now. I think I began supporting the Magpies like since lower secondary school...a while before Ruud Gullit took over and mess up the whole team ^^" but I've never been a hardcore fan of them till this year. Heard the score from Jem after I got back from the DVD session at Hoi's place (Jem watched it before so he didn't join us...he's still at Rafi having dinner by the time we went to watch anyway) but I'm not very surprised at it, though 4 – 0 is a bit too harsh on them. At the way things are going right now...Newcastle's gonna have a tough season... =(

-4.27am, 4 January 2005-

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