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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

note to self: do not read older posts on this blog!

There should be a warning for myself not to read back on my archived posts.. i'm getting too nostalgic. Anyway the following will be thoughts of a nostalgic me. Most of the people who still read my blog won't understand haha.


I miss Big Night Out. And overdosing on Pringles and Shandy and PS2.

I miss going out for movies. Followed by planting our asses in the cybercafe for longer than the movie we watched.

I miss playing basketball. Especially the ones when all of us still don't know how to play.

I miss our cybercafe sessions in college. Like the one we stayed until the dawn breaks, literally.

I miss 121D. What happens when you put 7+1 guys in a 3-room apartment? Not a single peaceful day passed by haha.


I miss the days when i don't have to dread waking up each day to continue studying and thinking and worrying bout exams :(

ps - i realise .. my blogging style has changed from last time. When it used to be more of a diary of what happened, now it's more on my thoughts. Haha but if it stayed the same style as last time, it'll read like:

wake up. study. sleep. study. sleep. surf facebook. read blogs. download torrents. play games. chat on msn. surf and read blogs and surf and read blogs. oh-the-sun-is-rising-i-better-hit-the-beds. sleep. repeat.


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