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Saturday, 22 December 2007

and i feel like Rapunzel

Ever wondered what it feels like to be Rapunzel?
To be locked-up in a room, only out to clear your bowel?

Strangely enough, i could have been living in her lair
Albeit without the golden stair made from her hair

But one day, when i have amassed enough lecture notes
I'm gonna tie them together and throw out my window a rope

And off to freedom, only to realise with a thunk
It's EOS in 9 days, and stop reading this junk

senaiboy (1986-present)


Yes i'm lame (hey, this is written in 5 minutes!). I blame it on the exam stress! Haha. Hope this brightened up your moody studying times, and at the same time 'motivate' you to study some more. Muahaha i'm eeebel i know :P

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