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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

quote unquote

.. Watching school guys and girls walking in and out the gate, i wonder if they know that they are actually creating memories. They probably don't realise that they're living in memories of their future.
taken off Siau Ying's blog post

Meaningful quote i found on my batchmate, Siau Ying's blog :)


Update: 2am.

Me, Prasad, Chee Mei and Mustaqim had mamak for suppa at the usual place, Ajimal at 12am. And the talk went from friends to politics to gossips.

As Prasad said, IMU just seem different now.. feels different. Maybe it is a sign of change. We're super-seniors already after all. I'm still getting used to it. Super-seniors. We ARE old, aren't we? :(

In a while we could have a mini reunion of sorts. Ben will be back in around 12 hours, Paul's coming over to stay in KL for a couple of days on 27th. Yew Wen's already in Vista, and Huilin's home in TTDI sort-of-nearby.

I miss everyone.

ps - wonder how Chow's doing. we haven't hear a thing from him since he left.

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