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Wednesday, 25 January 2006

.. politics? O.o

Hmm.. just came back from lion dance training. Learned a little on the drums and cymbals, practiced a little on lion dance, and found out that there's something seriously wrong going on.

Coach's brother-in-law, Ah Wong Darren (the coach called him that.. so we call him that also lor =P) just told us roughly bout what happened to the other lion dance troupe. Apparently the other troupe had some problems and split into two groups, one of which was the one we worked with the last week (led by Jacky). No wonder they only have 5 members.. i thought they were newly formed like us..

Then yesterday, Jacky's group was supposed to use the ground we used to train (let's juz call it our HQ =P). We didn't have training yesterday, but they told us they need to train their girls a bit more. Told us we can come if we wanted to join in the training, but if we don't want to we can just open the HQ's gates for them to go in to train. As our coach was still out of KL we decided not to join in the training.

And then when our coach were told bout it, he told Wan Chieh to tell them to ask the MCA head for permission before letting them use the training ground. According to Wan Chieh (he was holding the HQ's keys), he didn't receive any call from Jacky's group so he didn't go to our HQ to open the gates for them.

Today, Jacky's group was supposed to train too.. but they didn't come. Ah Wong told us they might not be joining us for the CNY performances.. due to some 'attitude problem' according to Coach. We were like, whuurrrtttt.. they don't seem to have any attitude problems to me.. but then maybe we were just 'outside the box'.

Maybe there's something else going on.. but we better not get involved in it la. Ignorance is bliss ^^". But really lor.. we are still seriously lacking people. And now this.. geez.. politics, politics.. >.< . Now we can't do the dragon dance edi.. sigh.

Btw yesterday during Tai Chi training Chow Chow asked me whether i'm going back for the 'tuan yan fan' (reunion dinner la..). And then only i realise.. i'm going to miss this year's reunion dinner in Senai O.o . Feels really bad to miss the reunion dinner.. in years to come i'll be away from home most of the time =/. Sigh.. but i seriously wanted to join the lion dance (might be the only chance i get to join).. just hope my grandma won't feel bad bout me missing the reunion dinner.. sigh. Me so unfilial =(

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