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Friday, 6 January 2006

the day i didn't study

So.. guess wat, i didn't study today. And i'm not fretting over the lost study time. No regrets. Coz this might be one of the few days i felt really happy.

Woke up early in the morning for once.. which is like 11am (hey that's early for me k..). Coz we were supposed to go Secret Recipe to celebrate my wife Deborah's birthday at 12pm =P. And she had the nerve to made us wait till 1pm coz she wasn't free. That woman..

Anyway, so we still end up in Secret Recipe anyway. Sebest and Pwassy (that's what Deb called them) drove us there. Then on, it's the usual.. eat lunch, cake appear, sing song, eat cake. Add lots and lots of laughter and you'll get DeBRA's birthday celebration =).

Only got home by 3.30pm. Wanted to study but can't (my mind was looking forward to the dragon dance training) so i napped till 6.50pm when YS's SMS for dinner woke me up. Guess i gotta thank you man.. i nearly overslept and miss the dragon dance thingy ^^. Met up with Esther (from M105) at 7pm and both of us made our way to the training at Cheras.

Yep, both of us ONLY. She said another two fellars backed out, and one can't make it. Sigh.. still we went to the training anyway. Took the KTM, then Coach drove us to the 'Majlis Belia' which was also used by Rakan Muda or something like that (i have attention-deficit syndrome =P). Coach said the other youngsters can't come coz it was raining. Which leaves me, Esther and another 20+ year old guy.

We learned the drums (which is used for the lion and dragon dance.. you know), the cymbals (ditto) and some wushu. All in like one and a half hour. Coach said we have to learn the dragon dance and how to sing 'Chai Shen Tao' also.. which we would sing when we collect money after the performances.

Yep, we gonna PERFORM.. like, go on a tour or something O.o . Esther said it's gonna be 15 days O.o o.O . Which means i'll have to stay here this holidays. IF my parents let me. Hmm... now i'm in a dilemma whether to go home or not..

If i chose to stay, i would have to go for intensive training in drums, cymbals, wushu, dragon dance and singing 'Chai Shen Tao'. But then i won't get to see my newborn nephew. Man..

So far i've decided to stay.. unless i really can't stay. Coz i had always wanted to learn wushu. All my life. And now that i got the chance.. i really can't just let it go..

I'm happy with the day i didn't study. Coz uni life ain't all bout studying and passing exams. Sometimes you gotta do what you enjoy doing. If only everyone understands this.. and stop to enjoy life for a day. But i doubt it.. coz we are living in a pass-your-exams-or-die-trying world. O.o

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