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Thursday, 26 January 2006

EoS results .. finally

Hmm.. guess i should be happy i even passed ^^". Just got the results for EoS, and it's just as i feared. Got a B- for Summatives 2.. but i kind of expected that. B for SAQ and B+ for OSPE. Overall get B+ >.<

Funny how many people thought i was going to get A.. me who never work hard like everyone else, me who rather sleep than open Marieb to study everyday ^^". But then i was never the kind of student who aims for an A and study damn hard for it. I'm more like study until i cannot tahan edi, then hope for the best. Hehe.. maybe i'm a B+ student after all.

Anyway, disappointed.. a bit la. Just hope my dad doesn't feel too disappointed and ask me to withdraw from those activities i joined >.< . I'll promise my Dad to get an A next time, but a promise will just be a promise anyway. Better just work a lot harder now.. especially since i'm depending on 'outside' money to study in IMU =/

No more lazing around for me!

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