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Tuesday, 10 January 2006

On life .. and death ..

He opened his eyes,
blinded by the light,
seeing the world for the first time,
full of possibilities,
and untold uncertainties.
A child was born,
a life starts its journey.
Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Christian Pouliot aka 'Sundancer' on their new baby boy! A warm welcome to Alexis Gabriel Pouliot Montero! =D

He closed his eyes,
blinded by the darkness,
seen the world for the last time,
full of memories,
and unreached aspirations.
A man has passed,
a life ends its journey.
Marcos Zeledon aka 'Zeta' passed away from brain haemorrhage at 3am, 9th January 2006. May he rest in peace. ='(


I received these two news within the same day. I barely knew them both, but we were in the same 'guild' in an online game. Which means we worked together as a team, played, fought as a team for quite some time already. It's been a while since i last heard from both of them. Maybe so.. it takes some time for me to digest the news..

Every birth i heard had me amazed at how miraculous life is. How the fusion of a sperm and an ovum can grow into a baby, a life. How every cells in the body work in sync with each other, keeping each other alive. How with millions and billions of these cells, all originating from a single embryo, life was brought forth to this world.

Yet with every death i heard had me realised how unpredictable, how fragile life is. How every time you hear or see someone, it may be the last time you ever heard or seen him. How an accident, a disease, a cut, a mosquito bite, can end a life, which was burning with ambition just days, hours before that. How a life, fighting to live, can be snuffed out from this world. Just like that.

It's ironic that we've come so far in medicine, finding cures for all kinds of diseases, yet all we're doing is just delaying death. The only thing certain in life is death. "In the world according to Garp, we are all terminal cases."

I don't know if i can take it if someone dies because i didn't do my best. Yeah, nobody's perfect. But can a doctor afford to NOT be perfect?

Sometimes, i think i think too much.

Life and death is part and parcel of living anyway.

Just have to get used to having a contact on MSN ..

.. that will never ever come online again.

*feeling grief* =(

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