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Tuesday, 17 January 2006

The life cycle of a student

Sigh.. my life seems to be a cycle of sorts. It starts off with slack, slack, slack, rot, rot, rot every day. Then a couple of weeks before an exams i'll realise i have no time to finish studying, and life became study, study, study like mad, study like my life depended on it, study until my life BECAME depended on it, burn out. A few hours before the exams i'll give up studying and go for the exams with a 'wateva lah..' mindset. And then.. all of a sudden.. i realise i have too much time with nothing to do for the first time in weeks. And i slack and rot all over again.

Sad, yeah, but that's the life of a student. Wonder how long do i have to keep repeating this cycle. Life seems so routine.. then again, life IS a routine. I guess that's why something inside me keep telling me to take part in the lion and dragon dance tour. And joined all sorts of clubs and societies in IMU (wonder how packed my timetable will be.. and you all wonder why i sleep so much =P). Trying to make my life not seem so.. dull.

So.. this will be the first Chinese New Year i didn't go back home. Everyone will either rush back home after OSPE yesterday or stay for the results and then rush back home. And me, for reasons i don't even really know myself, decided to spend a big chunk of my holidays in Bukit Jalil. To train lion and dragon dance. I must have lost my mind somewhere along the fanatical studying and mugging..

The only thing that holds me back from staying is whether my grandma will be disappointed.. =/ guess i'll have to call her to wish her happy new year then. That's the least i can do.

Hmm btw, before i forget to put this down, SAQ on Monday.. was o-kay. Besides being more like an endurance test than a test on our basic fundamental medical knowledge (yeah, we're THAT noob), and the fact that half of the stuff i studied seem to decay from my memory the moment i sat down and look at the paper, and the few words i swear i've never seen before in my life, and that i'm writing answers down before i can even think of what to write .. SAQ was o-kay. Getting A seem too far-fetched now, the most i can hope for is A- (anything less and my parents will ask me to pull out of all the activities i joined.. that's what i tell myself).

OSPE yesterday afternoon.. was like what a Sem 2 senior describe it. Around 100 students playing musical chairs. For two hours. Haha.. well, at least it was more interesting than sitting down writing non-stop for two hours. Though i should have paid more attention to studying the synovial joint.. and the muscle.. and the blood vessels.. and the second messenger system.. heck, i really dare not say i'm looking forward to a good result =/

Anyway, it's a 2-months break for us now, Semester 2 gonna start in March, and until that time, i managed to keep my days pretty occupied (and i hope the rest of you too.. DON'T YOU EVEN DARE THINK OF TOUCHING THE MARIEB! =P). So, cheers everyone, and squeeze every last bit of fun out of the holidays! ..while i'm stuck here training lion and dragon dance.. >.<

PS - going up to Genting in 6 hours time >.< hope i can wake up in time..

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