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Saturday, 21 January 2006

'Bad company'?

Frankly, my dad was worried i might mix with 'bad company' if i join the lion/dragon dance troupe. Even the other troupe's leader admitted our coach was worried we might be influenced by the other troupe's members too. I mean, where does all this preconceptions come from?

Yes, it's true the other more experienced troupe wasn't good at their studies. And yeah, they smoke (a LOT.. i noticed haha). And they swear rather liberally too (but they kept it down when we're around). You know, those kind of people. But does this mean they are bad company? Why would you think they are bad company?

I admit, yeah at first i thought they would be arrogant as they are more experienced than we are.. and we are from different troupes (although all of us are under MCA Cheras). Or they might act like gangsters and not want to even have anything to do with us.. 'nerds' lol =P. Last night, Keat How even thought they find us a 'nuisance' (because we're supposed to help make up their numbers for their troupe for the performance this morning.. and we know shit bout 'lion dance').

And yet i was surprised.

Because i woke up late, we arrived at the meeting place 30 minutes late (but they were late too.. only we were later =P). But they didn't show any displeasure or anything (on the contrary, they smiled at us a lot). We just load everything onto the lorry and left for UE3. Have to note that this is the first time i sat in the open-air back of a lorry.. and as a lion/dragon dance troupe, complete with flags on the lorry ^^. Feels strange.. and exciting.. coz normally i only see those lorries from the outside, not in one.

Then during the performance at UE3, we proved to them how incompetent we are at 'lion dance'. But they didn't look at us as if we were stupid or something. Instead, they keep reassuring us and only take over when we really really can't do anything.

And after the performance, we went back to our 'HQ'.. And they taught us bout some basics - the cymbals and doing the 'ma bu' (horse stance). Voluntarily, although it doesn't benefit them in any way as we are from different troupes. And we didn't ask them to teach or something.. they just.. taught us. Even when we still can't get how to play the cymbals at the last part of the drums.. they still taught us, even to the extent of singling us out and explain our mistakes. (one of them said they are teaching us because we (lion/dragon dance troupe members) should be united)

All of them are younger than us.. one is 20 with 7 years experience, one 19 with 6 years, one 16 with 10 years(!). And all of them are really friendly towards us. Made me realise there's more to a person than what we see on the outside.. just because a person smokes doesn't mean he's 'bad company', or that he doesn't do well in studies mean he is a bad influence. Like, if my dad finds out about these people he'll surely ask me to stay away from them. And i would ask him not to jump to conclusions.

Maybe, we really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. These are great people i had the privilege to know, and it made me feel i'd regret it even more if i didn't join the lion/dragon dance troupe. This is what makes my extended stay in Bukit Jalil worthwhile =)

PS - before the performance at UE3, a 10-year-old boy came up to us and just stunned us with his lion/dragon dance drumming skills. And he learned all that himself by watching performances O.o . Whoa.. THAT is one little guy i respect. He's half my age and plays the drum bloody much better than me (erm.. i juz started learning, so give chance la =P). His mom told us he's always wanted to join a lion/dragon dance troupe, and always pester her to stay to watch lion/dragon dance performances but never had the chance to join. Needless to say, he's one of us now ^^ (and he talks and asks damn lots of question too.. -.-")

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