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Saturday, 21 January 2006

Dragon & lion dance brief performances

Ever since EOS is over, life here seems to quiet down.. most of my friends are already back home by now. Hasn't really start enjoying my holidays yet, somehow i'm still not in the holiday mood.. most probably worrying bout EOS results.

Spent the last few days sleeping (like, duh =P) in between the lion/dragon dance training. Finally get to train again after missing so many days because of EOS.. seems like the dragon finally reached here a few days ago. On Thursday night we joined with another troupe to practise some 'dragon dancing' (because we didn't have enough 'dancers' =P), then on Friday night was the tian3 dragon ceremony (something like bless i think.. i'm not familiar with the customs =/), which was done before a new dragon is used for performances. This is the first time MCA Cheras organised a lion/dragon dance troupe, according to some MCA fellar doing the 'blessing'. Though i don't think our first dragon dance performance was impressing.. it was so damn fun =)

This morning, we were 'volunteered' by our coach to help out the other troupe to perform lion dance at UE3 in Cheras (don't ask me where is it.. it's a dead shopping mall.. except during CNY, according to Wan Chieh). Us.. me, Keat How and Wan Chieh who barely knows how to 'lion dance' O.o . Not like we had a choice anyway.. so we just went along. And i woke up late again ^^".. supposed to meet Wan Chieh at 8.30am but i woke up 10 minutes late.. again.

Didn't do much.. coz the plans were altered at the last minute to save time. But me and Wan Chieh did get to play around for like 5 minutes (he was the head, i was the tail) at the front door of the mall before a more experienced 'dancer' from the other troupe took over the head. From then on i was doing all i could to avoid tripping him AND myself.. coz the head is moving so damn fast (well, he's experienced.. wat can i expect). And 30 minutes covered with such a thick cloth made me feel like i'm being steam-cooked under the lion >.<

After that brief warm-up performance (kind of) we rested till 1pm something, coz the VIP Datuk came late (*roll eyes*). There were supposed to be 3 lions on stage, but it was reduced to only one to save time. And i was supposed to be one of the heads this time (i bloody don't know what to do coz i wasn't taught anything yet). Maybe next time la haha..

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