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Monday, 2 January 2006

A little catching up on the past ..

2006. God, time really passes by so bloody fast. One moment i wanna blog bout Summatives 2, the next moment it's Christmas. Then when i wanna blog on Christmas day, it's already 2006. God. How i wish time will just slow down so that i can catch up on my blog.

Summatives 2, what can i say, BS really killed me. Should have gone over BS notes the day before, i thought it wasn't important and all based on common sense. I was wrong, obviously. Heh, nothing i can do bout it, and at that time i didn't even care coz it's holiday already hehe. Watched King Kong with Paul, YS, Jem and KeeFs (haha is that how you spell it?) at Midvalley right after Sum 2. It was nice, but didn't really catch me.

Christmas, did nothing on Christmas day, juz had a little chat over lunch and dinner. Went to Denise's church for some Christmas celebrations the day before though. Great performance, but yeah as Jem says, it stopped just when it was getting nice. It was the first time me going to church during Christmas. Have to say it's pretty interesting, altho a little short ^^.

After Christmas, came back to JB for a week, did nothing significant except going for the last gathering on New Year's eve's eve. 14 of us played futsal in the morning. Must say it's been really long since i last played. Maybe it's because i enjoy playing with my old friends more or because i finally scored my first goal =P but it was the best 3 hours of futsal in my life. Went to Irwin's house for the first time to bathe (lots of firsts for me, eh), had lunch at Season's, then 3 hours of cc. Can't say i enjoy cc as much as i did anymore. Grown up, i guess? Haha.. i AM getting old.

30th December 2005 was a sad day for pizzas all over the world. Coz 14 hungry boys just walloped 16 large pizzas that night mercilessly. Only left 2 anchovies-laced pizzas which everyone conveniently overlooked. Blame the person who ordered that pizza. Haha =P. Ate the pizzas at Yong Chen's new 3-storeyed semi-D home. His new home was.. luxurious. And there's a plasma TV there! ^^ Stayed over there with Jem, Ashok, Eric, Irwin and Chuin Hau blasting away at the PS2, as usual.

New Year's eve and New Year was.. just like any other day. Me and my family never go for any New Year countdown, yeah we were one big lazy family =P. I miss the times when there used to be countdown party on TV years ago. Now they just show the party 10 minutes before midnight, sing a bit, counted down, and it's over. Sort of makes New Year feel just like another holiday on the calendar. Which for me, it really is. Happy New Year to all my homies! May you all have the best of days ahead of you in 2006. Sigh..

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