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Friday, 27 January 2006

A little update ..

And then there were two.

We started out with 2 sad IMU students who are not going home for Chinese New Year. Then Wen Chieh joined, making it 3 from IMU. Bout a week later 2 more joined, Loh and Goh (not sure their full name.. coach always refer to them with their surnames only). And the last to join the training was Keat How.

2 days away from our first 'real' performace, we ended up with 2 sad IMU students who are not going home for Chinese New Year. Wen Chieh will only be joining us on the 3rd or 4th day, Loh and Goh somehow disappeared halfway through training, and Keat How was never free during Chinese New Year in the first place.

Sigh.. so it's up to me and Esther to perform on the first few days of CNY. Seriously we only learned a few moves in lion dance, not really sure what we are supposed to do also ^^". Got some jumping around la .. and some rolling around .. that's all >.< . Hope we don't screw up ^^".

Btw an indian boy joined us today.. he can speak Cantonese (i think) so much better than me >.<" . And there's also another new member.. a mute/deaf guy. Time to put my sign language lessons to good use! (actually i forgot everything liao.. next time have to bring along the sign langugage book to talk to him ^^")

Got woken up this morning by Daddy's call.. at freaking 10am >.<". Told him bout my results, thankfully he didn't lecture me or anything. Well.. come to think of it i never get any lectures from him when i do badly.. or any praises when i get good results. He always sound neutral when i told him my results. Not that i mind.. think it's just the way my Dad is la ^^. It's good in a way i guess.. i never really felt any pressure from my parents to do well in exams. It's all up to me all the time. Still.. guess i have to put in more effort in the coming exams.. i only have myself to answer to for my exams results ^^"

self thought - wonder if Jacky's group going to join us.. they are really good. But i doubt it la sigh.. (me and Esther won't be in the centre of everyone's attention if they are there..). Wonder what's really going on.. maybe there's more than what we were told? =/

PS - my family might be coming up a day earlier than i expect.. on the 1st day of CNY ^^. But i'll be out from morning till evening on that day.. will be dead tired during our "tuan yan fan" ^^"

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