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Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Failed Genting trip >.<

So.. Jackie, Chui Han, Chia Huan, Jane June, Gary, Wei Cheong and me went up Genting Highlands on Wednesday morning, along with another group who's gonna stay there overnight (Alex, Tai Jih, Shao Yang, some other guys from our batch whom i forgot their names >.<). Woke up at 7.40am, 10 minutes later than the meeting time ^^", had to wash up and rush down in 10 minutes coz Jane June tak boleh tahan edi haha. Anyway we took LRT to Titiwangsa, then bus up to Genting with Jackie as our tour guide hehe. Reached the theme park just before 10am, and guess what, half of the rides are closed for maintenance. Wtf.. how unlucky can we get.. sien tiao. All the thrilling rides aren't open, so we didn't go into the theme park as planned.

Ended up having overpriced KFC for lunch, some shitty 4D Motion Master (wasted 8 bucks..) and then left Genting. The others went for the new Flying Coaster.. but i didn't join in coz it looks so boring (the ride was less than 1 minute.. we measured) . An impromptu change of plan, and we sang K from 3pm to 8pm with Chow (until everyone 'feng' tiao), walked around Petaling Street for dinner and then went straight back home (midnight movie was scrapped haha..). What a wasted day that could have been really fun.. damn Lim Goh Tong for scheduling maintenance on the day we went up.. >=(

PS - saw some strange ppl on the LRT ride back home.. lol.. if those people stayed in the train any longer we gonna go 'feng' tiao (as Chui Han puts it haha..)

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