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Saturday, 28 January 2006

A day before our first day ^^

Gah.. swear i've never jumped this much in 2 hours before. My legs are hurting now, too lazy to even walk .. and i'm going to fall asleep within the next hour ^^". There's some more training tomorrow morning and then it's the big performance for us. Please don't let us screw up.. please don't let us screw up..

So. Good news is i finally get an idea what we're supposed to do tomorrow. We'll do the lion dance at houses and shops nearby i think.. to drive evil spirits away or something like that (that's what i read on the internet). I kind of get the rough layout of the dance already.. it's not as hard as i'd feared. Bad news is i'm supposed to jump. Onto the person behind who's gonna be my ass (as in the lion's ass la =P). And today was the first time i was practicing those stunts. Man.. we're so lacking practice now..

For the first stunt i'm supposed to just jump onto the guy behind's thighs.. which was not so bad. Second one is the same, but he had to rotate 360 while i'm on his thighs. We scrapped that ^^". Third one is me standing on one leg on one of his thighs after jumping.. we scrapped that too haha - no time to practise. Last one had me jumping on the spot and the guy behind is supposed to step forward and let me land on his thighs. Almost the same as the first one.. no sweat =P. Last one.. man i still can't get the last one right. I was supposed to jump onto the guy's thighs, then proceed to step onto his shoulders and stand straight. Like, O.o . I can't even do that without holding the lion o.O . Gonna practise the last stunt again tomorrow i think.. my legs are already going to suffer from rigor mortis edi from all that non-stop jumping >.<

Btw heard there'll be a dragon dance performance in Seremban on February 11th. Hmm.. looks like i'll postpone my homecoming a little later ^^. But we only have exactly 2 weeks for training.. and that includes the days we had to perform during chinese new year. Gah.. why is everything so rushed.. ^^"

Oh btw.. Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends! May you all have a prosperous new year ahead! Get married soon so i can get more ang paus! =P

PS - Keat How left for his hometown this morning.. met Jason on the train while he's heading to Pudu bus station to go to his aunty's place in Seremban.. that leaves no Sem 1 student in IMU except me! So quiet around here.. except for the non-stop fireworks nearby..

PPS - This will be the first time i sleep before 12am on a CNY eve.. but what to do.. tomorrow have to wake up at 6am ^^"

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