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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The '9th-of-April's - flashback of the senaiboy days

4 years ago, on this day. The 9th of April 2004.

hi ppl!

juz decided to try blogging...actually i wanted to start entering entries a few months ago (i even signed up here) but i dunno wat happened to my plan :P...guess the same thing happens to everything i've plannedneway hello 2 everybody reading this! (tho i doubt even any1 will read this but...oh well that's not the point rite). hope i can keep this up...hehebtw it's my 18th birthday today...jeremy wished me happy birthday at 1 something a.m. wonder if he hadn't sleep or woke up juz 4 dat...neway my bro also wished me...khai sean sent me a card which i can't open (but i appreciate his effort :) )...PS - yea i can c all the wishes starting to come in...but...but...where r my presents?? hehe i'm very greedy am i :P...

With that, the Blog was born. Yup my blog shares the same birthday as me :). Back then it was a diary sorta thing, up till after college. Originally hosted on Diaryland - it's still there, amazingly. Funny thing after coming to IMU, my blog becomes mostly filled with random thoughts instead.

4 years ago i was back home in Senai, sitting in front of the computer as the clock struck 12am, and it was my 18th birthday. Back then i just entered college after my SPM. Fresh-faced after SPM, enjoying every second in college. It was a really big change from studying in secondary school. Ah and of course, the new found freedom.


3 years ago, on this day. The 9th of April 2005.

Took a nap after dinner and woke up around 12am. Watched a bit of tv with Ashok till 1am, then Paul came barging in O.o (some things never change..sigh haha). Jem brought a cake back...which Yong Chen bought earlier right after our dinner. Didn't even realise you bought a cake..thanx =). It was a cake with a shitload of fruits on it. Haha...i never really liked fruits =P but the cake was really nice, thank you all. No customary 3-4 this time around (the barbarians aren't around haha =P), only a punch from Paul...said it was from Chow >=(. I'll get you for that...both of you =P. Anyway, thanks again to Yong Chen, Ashok, Jem and Paul...thank you all for celebrating me birthday with me =). And thanks to everyone who wishes me birthday, be it too early or too late it doesn't really matter ;).

After literally dug the whole cake and stuffed it into our mouths, we decided to go cc (surprise, surprise haha). No DotA this time (everyone's had enough of it edi), so we tried to finish 'castle' once more for the sake of Jem, Paul and Tiong. Wanted to blanja them actually, but the game dragged on for more than 3 hours O.o. That bloody Arthas juz won't die sigh. Don't know if i brought enough for in the end i only paid for Jem. Sorry for that...i promise i'll blanja next time k? But we enjoyed the game...really funny to see how we try to work together =P

PS - Btw Tiong...sorry if we put too much pressure on you during the game ;)

I was in Subang Jaya. In 121D to be exact. My birthday was right on the last day of A2 trials, so half of the 'Middle Earth-ians' weren't around. Celebrated with a cake with Jem, Paul, Yong Chen and Ashok, before we head off to cybercafe to play 'castle'.

That was a year filled with CC sessions (DotA, castle), late night roundtable sessions, Melur mamaking sessions, Vivino, 'Garfield', Nazguls, Kak Jernehs, tremors from earthquake, dengue, 3-4s, futsal, flying birthday cake, The Sacrifice of the Terroroise, Spongebobs, Queer Eyes, Battle for Anne's Love, Ms Ho, Paul yawning loudly in class, Jeremy eating peas for dinner, Sky Force, CC, CC, and CC.

I missed this year the most of all. College years.. 121D.. PM1.. it was a small birthday celebration, but i love you guys. Not in that way. Please. Haha.

But i still miss everyone in 121D..


2 years ago, on this day. The 9th of April 2006.

My birthday started with lunch with my parents at our fav 'Kuay Teow Kia' stall, then a 35 minutes wait for the bus that came late -.- . I swear i could've pounced on the driver and pummel his head on sight.. but then it's my birthday, so i decided to let him go this time =P

Reached Bukit Jalil at round 5.30pm, went out for dinner then came back and camp in front of my com. After a while Wy Keat came up to my place.. with beers! =D Hehe.. we spent a while talking and drinking beer in my room before Chia Huan called me for a 'Helen Keller meeting' at Ben's place. I believed there was a meeting.. really! =P haha..

Finished A-Levels, ended up in IMU with a bunch of PM1-ians (Jem, Paul, Yih Seong, Chow). I was halfway through Semester 2 when i hit the 20s. And it was a really different birthday from what i was used to.

My second birthday present i can remember (the first was a stamp album damn long ago). Canon A620. Damn right i'm happy to get it. That was the exact one i wanted.

The one undrank can of beer left by Wy Keat. It's still with me (:

The biggest group of people i celebrated my birthday with. I'm sincerely touched by everyone's thought and efforts.

The first year of IMU. When everyone was still getting to know everyone. Orientation. SHIT. The first IMU Cup. Tai-chi. Got to know Chia Huan and Shin Yin through Tai-chi. The two great friends i really admire for their own reasons. I miss the times when we were first learning Tai-chi. Pity the times ended the way it did.

Maybe this will be the turning point in my life. The time i decided to take hold of myself and determine how my future gonna be.

Birthdays are there to tell you had lived another year.
Birthdays are there as an excuse for celebrating.
Birthdays are there to remind your friends of you.
Birthdays are there to remind you of yourself.

My 20th birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

And senaiboy matured just a wee bit more.

And just got bigger (:


1 year ago, on this day. The 9th of April 2007.

Home again. After more than 2 months i suppose. Feels far longer than that. People would have been surprised to know i didn't come home because i was homesick. More like because i wanna see my parents and grandma. Felt like wanting to see them again.

Much had happened since the last post. For one, i am officially an adult. Yay. But none of me felt 21. Yeah, i'm pretty much in denial haha. Age is just a state of mind =P. Kena 'orientated' in IMU's parking lot. Much thanks to those who went to all the trouble to torment me. Especially Jackie.. sob sob to think i trusted you haha. Really, thanks everyone =).

Sitting quietly in my room, i was called down for basketball by Yih Seong. And then 'escorted' to IMU's parking lot, where i was ragged. Sobs. Haha. Got a big pillow as my present. And a pig-shaped card made by Chia Huan. Haha.

Then, we were all in Semester 4. That time almost everyone knew each other already, and we formed a close-knit 'family'. IMU Cup followed, cheerleading the only one i joined, and i was proud to have. Love thy batch M205.


This year. 9th of April 2008.

Was quietly working away at my com. And then the gang came. Hehe.

Brought Secret Recipe brownies, and U Hu! Hu! cakes too. Guess everyone was rather full, left so much cake now for me to finish. Haha in keeping up with the current trend of the others here.. 'i'm getting fat!' :P

Thanks Prasad, Ben, Mus, Chee Mei, Yew Wen (:. I couldn't stop smiling when i see you guys outside the room haha. Though the lame jokes that night almost killed me, i admit that's the most laughter i get in some time. So few of us left here, still, thanks for celebrating my birthday with me this year (:

And many thanks to the others who wished me as well, not excluding Jem, my longest serving old classmate friend, enjoying himself in Aus now. And Winnie, Paul and Chia Huan (haha). Kiwi-land's Chow Chow! LiewYenEit, HuiLin, KherDee, ShinYin. Yun, SiauYing, Kalpana, Thinesh, Jia Lin, Eric, Dheepan, Chuihan. Lishun. And Chung Kia who wished me 2 times on 2 different days before my birthday haha. (sorry if i missed out anyone.. i'm getting older, you know. haha)

10th April - i was at work when Boon Shih called me all the way from Melbourne. Wanted to prank call me but his name appear on my handphone still. Haha. Many many many many thanks Boon.. i know we haven't talked in years, but you still called to wish me. That made my day. (:


And a happy 22nd birthday to myself.

22 is the number!

ps - not forgetting of course, happy 4th year to the blog (:

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