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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

time to wake up and save the world

picture by NASA. taken off


Is an amazing place.

From the living creatures to the rampaging tornadoes, from continents made of ice to the unexplored depths of the sea.

There's always that place to see, that moment to witness. That mineral to mine, that species to kill off.

Forests are being scraped off the face of earth every day. Natural resources are being drained and turned into toxic wastes. Since the first human walked the earth, we have found ever more ways to exploit the planet we stood on.

We were said to be the heirs to this planet. We made full use of everything around us, as if Earth was ours by birth rights. Egoistically foolish, humans are. Everywhere humans set afoot, species became extinct, the resources are drained dry, landscapes became populated with concrete inhabitants.

If we had inherited this planet, maybe we should start learning how to take care of it.

The world needs saving. Everyone wants to save the world.

But not everyone wants to make an effort or just give up their comforts. If saving the world just needs us to sit on the couch watching TV or in front of the computer exercising our fingers, earth would have been saved a thousand times over.

Sad, that in this age of comfort, we have grown complacent and ignorant.

Still, there's always hope it's not too late. Even though the phrase 'not too late' has been repeated for the past decades, at least hope gives us a glimmer of possibility, that we were not intended as the self-destruct timer of this planet.

Recycle. Walk, cycle, run. Turn off. Plug off. Reject plastic bags. Reduce waste. Grow a tree. Throw sensibly. Buy less. Eat less. Avoid materialistic pursuits. Save electricity. Conserve water. Do something.

Earth is smaller than we think.

And it's going to be a long time we will be here.

We should make our stay a boon, instead of a bane to the planet, at least?

After all, we love the world we live in.

Wake up. Save the world.

In conjunction with World Earth Day, 22 April.

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