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Friday, 11 April 2008

just a note

Amazingly, up to a tenth of all visitors to this blog ended up here because of the baby rabbits photos.


Will be back home Senai in 20 hours i hope. Gotta bring back some documents and hand in the study grant application letter.

Meanwhile i have a health screeening part-time job coming up tomorrow (technically today, in 10 hours). Told me i need to do the blood pressure measurement. Should be easy. Good experience for me as well, since i have done it like less than 10 times in my whole LIFE. Haha. Wait, that might be a bad thing for me tomorrow =/.

And PC Fair's on as well, guess i'll drop by KLCC before i head back.

Will blog when i reach home safely tomorrow. To everyone reading, have a great weekend! (:

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