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Monday, 31 October 2005

stuck in Bukit Jalil

I gotta admit.. i'm addicted to sports. (man, even i couldn't believe i said that ..)

Well, i gotta be suffering from an addiction. Why else would i feel the urge to start learning to play every single sports possible? Or that i would go down and play badminton and basketball even when i injured my left Achilles' tendon and my fractured right wrist's still hurt a little? It used to be an itch for it's basketball/badminton/volleyball/futsal/ tennis/whatever. This is so unlike me. Or maybe this is the real me. Man.. when you pretend too much you can even forget who you really are..

Crap. I don't even know what i'm talking bout. Must be the stillness over here in Bukit Jalil's getting to my head.

Yeah, i'm stuck here for this 1 week Deepavali-Hari Raya holidays. Most of IMU students already left for their homes sweet homes, most of them can't wait to live a normal life (not studying 24/7, for instance =P). There are so few people around these past few days, the only people i see are my housemates..and the kao yoke pao uncle. Haha.. seriously, without IMU students around, this place is, like, really dead, man..

Holidays started last Friday actually. Went out for a mini-celebrations of sorts on Thursday..i only joined them at the last minute. The gang (i wanted to type guys..but then that's not politically correct =P) wanted to go Sungei Wang, half going for Red Box session and the other half for IT-stuff shopping session. Somehow, i ended up with the Red Box gang. Me? Sing?? Chinese songs?!?

Against my presumptions, i ended up enjoying the karaoke thingy. Even tho i never sang in front of ppl before (choir ain't counted..i'm saying solo singing). Even tho i only heard of less than half of the songs they chose. And the chinese characters that i can read can be counted using your fingers. But it's all right. Rather fun, actually hehe. I'm already memorising the songs for the next Red Box outing haha..

Met up with the rest of the gang after singing, like 50 songs in 2 hours- it's skip! skip! skip! halfway thru every song ^^". Went to watch "Election" at Times Square, some movie bout Hong Kong triads. And as all triad movies go, it's meaningless. Ben was snoring thru half the movie haha. After movie we went for a walk.. juz walking around there coz we have nothing better to do. And we checked out the Starhill's toilets too. Don't ask me why. =P

The few days after that had me rotting in front of the com, surfing half the day, sleeping the other half. No, it's not porn (i'm bunking in my bro's room, for god's sake =P). Me got so bored i decided to go practice some basketball yesterday..since after the holidays i won't get the chance to play anymore ( year no basketball..somebody kill me..). Guess who i met there. It's Chee Keong, one of the Library Gods, and coincidentally, my OO.

He didn't go back coz there's another exam 4 weeks after the holidays, so he malas to go back. I didn't expect him to stay here juz to study, but then, it's not surprising anyway. Shot some balls with him (somehow this sounds vulgar..). Then i get some shooting lessons from him, like how to shoot from BEHIND the board. Man.. he really has too much free time haha..

Damn..this post is getting too damn long. I'll sum up the rest. Food Av closed today. Hungry. Went Sri Petaling. Tapau McD's. Still hungry. Parents coming up tomorrow. Salvation. =)

Oh btw, happy Deepavali and Hari Raya to everyone! Enjoy the precious week we have ;)

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