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Monday, 24 October 2005

have Meriab, will study

!WARNING! : In the following post, the author might sound proud or arrogant, even. Heck, he may even have hurt a few poor souls' feelings out there while typing this. Please note that in no way whatsoever, however the following post might be interpreted, or misinterpreted, that the author's words are strictly his own, and by no means did he meant to belittle or insult anyone. If you feel like bashing him up, or flooding him with hate mails, there's a little x button on the top right corner that'll shut him up and everyone lives happily ever after. If that doesn't work, smash your head/hand/elbow/knee/foot/chest/(*insert body part here*) into the monitor screen. That might work for most people (not for the 'happily ever after' part tho).

Summatives 1 is over. Finally. I swear some of my batchmates' going to go mad if they study for one more hour..some, anyway =P. There are those who study day and night before this little test, not seeing daylight for weeks. Then there are those who sleep day and night, not seeing daylight for weeks too haha. Guess i don't have to say which group i belong in, right? =P

I do wonder it just me or is everyone's pushing themselves a little too hard? Start studying ages before the test, revising the lectures right after the lectures everyday, referring to countless textbooks, living in the library, literally. And this is just for the summatives. Come EoS, some people might even resort to eating the lecture notes or something..i dunno. Humans are creative creatures, no? (not this creature here tho)

Do med students really have to resort to spending more time with med books than living objects? I never seem to get why do some people put so much stress on themselves. What's with the panic? Why work so hard till you might suffer brain failure and drop dead any moment now? Why can't everyone just take things slowly and enjoy life? Why can't everyone stop going to the library? WHY CAN'T EVERYONE STOP STUDYING?? ARGGHH..NERDS!! NERDS!! GET AWAY FROM ME! GO AWAY!! .. Oh wait.. i'm supposed to be one of them, right? =/

Anyway, that's not the main idea. I'm in no position to mock or tease other people, mainly because i suppose i'm the one who's not 'normal'. Maybe Ben was right, maybe my sympathetic nervous system really had gone haywire since the day i was born. That might explain why i never seem to study for exams hard enough. Sometimes i felt i should panic because i haven't finish revising yet and the countdown is showing hours. Yet i'll take my own sweet time to study. It's amazing how you can annoy yourself.

Some people said that i'm a smart-ass, that i'm a genius, that's why i don't even need to study to score. Yeah, right. If i was i would have gotten my doctorate by now =P. And i would be sleeping the whole day everyday (no, i DO NOT do that). I'd never think that i'm smart nor agree with that, coz i don't believe anybody can be labelled smart or 'unsmart'. Dunno how people come to have that impression of me after a while, me being a smart-ass. I was never the one with the best results, and neither am i the one who can answer any question you ask (sadly, it's the other way). I do study as hard as anyone to get A, so please don't think i have a secret method to get A or something =)

Conclusion: I don't think i'll like my Summative 1 results, coz i've been wasting my time sleeping and playing the last week instead of studying. Guess i'll have to work harder for the next summatives then..which is like 8 weeks away =/. Bloody hell.. do they think med students really have no life but to study everyday or what..

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